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Wang Lijun, sentenced to 15 year sentence handed down is not a surprise

 Wang Lijun, sentenced to 15 year sentence handed down is not a surprise

Chengdu Intermediate People's Court on the 24th, the former vice mayor of Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau, former director of Wang Lijun favoritism defection, abuse of power, bribery case verdicts, Wang Lijun was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Agence France-Presse substandard media reported the news, citing the court said in a statement, according to Wang Lijun, the facts of the crime, the nature, circumstances Moncler Jackets, and the degree of harm done to society and Wang Lijun, pleaded guilty in court, the performance of repentance, the Court accordance with the law above verdict .

The Associated Press said on the 24th, the Chengdu Intermediate People's Court Wang Lijun favoritism crime sentenced to seven years; to the defection of the crime and sentenced to imprisonment for two years deprivation of political rights for one year; crime of abuse of authority and sentenced to two years; sentenced to nine years for taking bribes, graft, decided to implement the fifteen years imprisonment and deprived of political rights for one year. Wang Lijun said in the court to accept the decision, not to appeal.

Radio France International quoted the words Moncler Outlet of the spokesman of the People's Court, said Wang Lijun, as the country's public servants, or intentionally protects others kill, and defected to the United States Consulate General in Chengdu, in serious cases, but taking into account the voluntary surrender of Wang Lijun, open for thin valley provide Cheap Moncler important evidence of homicide mitigated punishment according to law.

For Wang Lijun mitigated punishment according to law, Agence France-Presse further quoted the Chinese official media reported that Wang Lijun defection as a national staff handling state secrets overseas, according to the law should be punished severely. Wang Lijun automatically defected sin is guilty of surrender, and truthfully confessed their defection of the main facts of the crime, the case turned himself in, can Moncler Sale be mitigated punishment according to law. Wang Lijun expose others to significant clues to crimes, and played an important role in the investigation and handling of the case, the major meritorious services, can be mitigated punishment according to law.

British "Daily Telegraph" on the 24th, said the verdict is not surprising, Wang Lijun without permission to enter the U.S. Consulate General in Chengdu residence incident, the public security organs according reflected Moncler Coats thin valley open to charges of murdering a British citizen Neil Wood the problem, conduct a review of the latter's death. Wang Lijun to cooperate with authorities' investigations, the prosecutors recommended that he be given a lighter sentence. Thin valley open to have been convicted of murder and sentenced to death August. The British Broadcasting Corporation said Wang Lijun meritorious services involved accountable thin valley open to the killing of a British businessman issue. China's official media had in Wang Lijun trial published a long article, disclosed MBT UK the whole story of the king of the case.




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