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The west wing of the stone bench, point with the a Bianti dirt soybean oil lamps

    The west wing of the stone bench, point with the a Bianti dirt soybean oil lamps. Dim the lights disturbed jitter, the pointed flames on lug a wisp of smoke spiraling. Aroma with the donkey dung donkey urine smell burning soybean oil mixed together. Polluted air wing. One side of the stonemoncler Jacken, close to the the bluestone ass groove. The home labor Shangguan's Heilv side between stone with donkey slot.
Shangguan Lu into the wing, the eyes can only see soybean oil lights. Darkness came the the Shangguan Fluke anxious questioning: his mother, gave birth to what? "
Shangguan Lu facing the direction of her husband's lower lip and did not answer. The black shit she crossed the floor and kneeling on the belly Heilv body side massage donkey Shangguan sukiyaki, went to the window, pique camel goes paste windows black paper pull down. Dozens of rectangular golden sun suddenly lit up half of the wall. Before she turned to stone, and blew out the oil lamp on the grindstone. Diffuse rapidly Moncler billig, the aroma of burning soybean oil to suppress the house.The the Xingsao gas. Shangguan sukiyaki Heiyou, little face is a sun shining glittering, two dark eyes shining, just like two coals. He timidly looked at the mother, and whispered: "Mother, we also run! Fusheng Tang family run, the Japanese are coming ..."
Shangguan Lu turn iron into steel eyes staring straight into his son, forcing his eyes evasive, Qin full of sweat the little face lowering them.
"Who told you that the Japanese want to?" Shangguan Lu ferocious geological asked his son.
Fussa Church dispensers firing and yelling ... "Shangguan sukiyaki lift an arm, wiping his sweat from his face with the back of the hand stained with donkey hair, whispered muttered. Compared with Shangguan Lu coarse hypertrophy in the palm of your hand, Shangguan sukiyaki hand seemed and small and thin Moncler Outlet. His lips suddenly stopped sucking like flaring, raised his head, and put up two exquisite small ears, listened, he said, "Mother, father, you listen!"
Leisurely floated wing Sima Pavilion husky voice: "Grandpa Shaanxi Run-bitch - Uncle Aunt - Big Brother sister-in-law who - big brothers and big sisters fled to the southeast wasteland crop wheat yard to avoid revive it - the Japanese are coming - I have reliable intelligence, and is not a lie, folks, do not hesitate, Run, do not be reluctant to few tumbledown in Castle Peak in Na, was world na - folks, Run, later may be too late -
Shangguan sukiyaki jumped up in horror and said: "Mother, hear it? Our family run! ..."
"Run, where to go?" Shangguan Lu dissatisfaction, "Fu Sheng Tang home course to run, we ran what?
The Shangguan family blacksmith farming for a living, one does not owe payroll, do not owe state tax, who is an officer, and we are the people. Japanese do not people? Japanese accounting Northeast Township, not to rely on the people we cross Zuzi farming them? His father is the head of the family moncler Jacken Outlet, Am I right? '
Shangguan Fluke grinning, and showed two rows of sturdy yellow teeth, and the expression on his face laughing and crying is difficult to distinguish.
Shangguan Lu angrily: "I ask you now, grimace in pain doing? The Luzhou pressure no ass to!"
"Shangguan said: Fluke Kusangzhuolian," I to know Gesha? You say run we run, you say you're not running we do not run the pictures! "
Shangguan Lu sigh, said: "is a blessing, not a curse, curse not escape stunned with what? Fast to press belly!"
The Shangguan sukiyaki flaring lips, summoned the courage, with a lack of confidence loudly asked: "She gave birth to yet?"
Man, as one can not do two things, thy donkey woman thing, do not you worry. "Shangguan Lu said.
"She is my wife Well ..." the Shangguan sukiyaki muttered.
"No one said she was not your wife." Shangguan Lu said.
"I guess this time she is pregnant with a boy Moncler Daunenjacke," Shangguan sukiyaki according donkey belly, "she scary big belly."
"You incompetent things ..." Shangguan Lu said in frustration, "pray to God."
Shangguan sukiyaki would like to speak, but the mother plaintive eyes shut the mouth.
Shangguan Fluke said: "You busy here, I took to the streets Tankan movement." "You come back to me!" Shangguan Lu grabbed her husband's shoulder, and dragged him in the ass before, angrily: "What happened on the street you see? Massage donkey belly help it quickly students! Bodhisattva ah God ah , the the Shangguan family's ancestors are biting iron man chewing steel and how raising such useless descendants! "
Shangguan Flow before ass bent down, stretched out that two equally delicate little hands with his son, press on belly convulsions Heilv. His body with the body of his son every donkey relative. Opposite the father and son duo Xiangqu, grin, growl and look just like a pair of fellow sufferers. They parent screwdriver volts, from the parent volt sub, like standing on a seesaw at both ends of two young children. With the ups and downs of the body, their hands floating in the ass belly skin scribbled Roudong. The father and son have no strength, floating, soft the rushes, defeated batt, casual, jerry. Shangguan Lu ruefully shook his head, pincers like big hands stretched out, pinch the neck of her husband Moncler Günstig, and he picked up Jared few times: "over and over again, to the side!" Standing behind them then gently pushed, the phony hit the blacksmith Shangguan Fluke stumbled toward the corner, lying on sacks forage. "Get up!" Shangguan Lu wrist son, "Do not be in the way here, many eating rice water drink a lot, sloppy work! Day classic, my good bitter life yo!" Shangguan sukiyaki as case like Amnesty jumped up to meet with his father on the corner. Father and son, slick black eyes blinking, his face both like cunning like a stiff. At this time, the the Sima pavilion cries again poured into the wing, and the body of the father and son duo are anxiously twist move, as if feces force seems urgency.
Shangguan Lu and fell on his knees before the donkey abdominal totally avoid the filth of the earth. The solemn expression shrouded her face. She rolled up his sleeves, rubbing a big hand. Rub her hands rough and strident voice, just like rubbing his soles. Her half of his face stickers on the donkey's belly, listening for his eyes. Then, she stroked the donkey face, said emotionally: "Donkey, donkey, Huochu Come on, we do woman can not get this difficult!" Then she sat astride donkeys neck hunched, hands flat donkey belly, like push plane, forced to push forward to go. Donkey whine four twist legs suddenly bounce the four hoof shivering, as if tapping quickly surrounded by invisible drums and chaotic drums echo in Shangguan home house Moncler Deutschland.The. Donkey's neck bent up there, stranded in the air, and then thrown down a heavy issue humid and sticky meat ring "donkey, or suffer a little now, Who do we do a woman? Stiff upper lip so awkward ... straining Son, donkey ...... "she whispered talking about, hands received chest accumulation from the force, hold your breath, and slowly, firmly push forward. The donkey struggling nostrils yellow liquid, donkey head thrown quack chirp, behind, amniotic fluid and feces sleepwalk into splashing out. Shangguan and his son covered his eyes in horror.
"Folks, the Japanese devils Colts from the county, I have the exact intelligence, not quackish sea chatter, Run, do not run too late ..." Sima Pavilion loyal cries exceptionally clear descendant of their ear.
Shangguan and his son opened his eyes and saw Shangguan Lu sat on the side of the head of an ass, head down whirring Chi Chi respite. Sweat ta wet her gown of white cloth, showing her stiff protruding shoulder blade shape. The black shit hip, Wang forward to a pool of bright red blood, a thin and slim legs of mules, donkey's production Daoli for straight out. This mule legs extraordinarily false, as if it is a prank, deliberately poked go inside Moncler Jacken Günstig.
Shangguan Lu violent convulsions half of his face again to paste it into donkey belly, listening for a long while. The Shangguan sukiyaki see mother's face like a ripe apricots, showing a serene golden color. Sima Pavilion tireless roar floated here, just like chasing fishy Zhuxiu the flies stuck to the wall, flew donkey body. He was gripped waves, as if the calamity to be imminent. He wanted to escape from the wing, but not the guts. He dimly felt that as long as a house, is bound to fall on those said to be tall, short, stubby limbs, bulbous nose, bell eyes drink human blood, eating human heart and liver in the hands of a small Japanese devils, they eat, even the bones scum nor left.
Now they must in droves in the alley running, chasing women and children, also like Sahuan foal Liao Juezi, the jet nose ring. In order to seek the comfort and confidence, his eyebrows look for his father. He saw the fake and shoddy blacksmith Shangguan Fluke face earth tones, sitting in the corner of the sack on his hands clutching his knees, body rolling in the aisles, back and hindbrain continuing impact of the angle formed by the walls; Shangguan sukiyaki nose burst somehow sorrow and grief, the two lines Zhuolei cushions toot run out.
Shangguan Lu, coughing, slowly raise her head. She stroked the donkey face, exclaimed: "donkey donkey, you Zala? How can out a leg it? Hello confused children cheap MBT Shoes, should Mr. succeed to ..." donkey's eyes lost their luster The torrent of tears. Her hand to wipe away tears on the donkey eyelid, loudly blew her blowing his nose, then turned around and said to his son: "Go, call your Fan three uncle I originally wanted to save two bottles of wine a pig, Hi, The flower of the province, no less, called go! "
Shangguan sukiyaki retreat to the corner on the eyes in horror at the door leading to the alley, grinning, mumbling: "alley by the Japanese, is full of Japanese ..."
Shangguan Lu angrily stood up, passed through the hall, opened the door. The southwest wind early summer with a the mature wheat coke incense suddenly filling the room. Quiet alley, a figure not only group looks very false black butterfly flying around like paper dust MBT shoes clearance. The Shangguan sukiyaki mind leaving the impression of a piece of rotation is black dizziness unlucky.




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