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The Maloja pastor quietly lying on the kang


The Maloja pastor quietly lying on the kang

The Maloja pastor quietly lying on the kang, see a red light shining in the face of the Virgin Mary pink breast meat toot her arms the Son. Housing leaking last summer, a round brown water stains left in this painting; the face of the Virgin Mary and the Son, and emerged as the expression of a wooden stay MBT UK. A holding the the silver filaments Divertimento spider hanging in front of the bright windows, blown by the breeze Guangyou to the swing to. Morning hi Evening money ", that beautiful pale woman facing spider spider once said. I have what hi it? Flashing in his mind to those celestial dream to see the grotesque, to hear the street sounded Gululu the sound of wheels, hear the chirping sound coming from the side of the distant swamp crane bird dairy goats indignation "bleating" sound. Sparrow the paper windows badly scarred flute rang. Magpies called noise in the yard outside the tree poplar. It seems really good news today. MBT Fora Women WhiteHis mind suddenly wake up, belly beautiful woman suddenly appear bright in the impatience of lip quivered, as if to say nothing. She was already pregnant eleven months, must be born today. The Maloja pastor moment we will understand the meaning of spider spider suspension and magpies tweetMBT Sale. He Yi Gulu climb up and down the kang.

    Maloja priest carrying a black crock on the street behind the church, one would see the blacksmith SHANGGUAN Fluke's wife Shangguan Lu bent, holding a broom sweep a kang, street sweeping soil . His heart abruptly jumped up, trembling lips, whispered: "God, the Lord God Almighty ..." He in the chest with his stiff fingers draw a "cross", they slowly retreated to a corner, silently watching tall obesity Shangguan Lu. Her quietly, intently dew wet the surface dust swept up and carefully picked out of the surface dust debris thrown away. Hypertrophy woman moves awkwardly, but abnormal strong, that golden, the millet spike tied the broom in her hands like a toy MBT Shoes UK. She soil sung to the basket, big hands strong, stand up and then holding the dustpan.

    Shangguan Lu, carrying the dust just turn into the alley entrance of their own children, and I heard behind bustle. She looked back to see the Church of the town's richest man Fussa black lacquer gate was opened, a group of women pouring out. They are dressed in rags, face at the bottom of the pot ash. Always wear silk draped forging, the whitewash of Fussa Church harem, why dress up the look of the thing? Sets backyard, nicknamed "old tits coachman from Fussa Church opposite the door, kicked out a brand-new, covered with green cloth curtain Son rubber wheels and carts MBT Shoes Sale. The car came to a complete stop before the woman who will be scrambling to try to get on. MBT Fanaka GTX Men Bright black

    Coachman squatting in front of the stone lions was wet with dew, silently smoking a cigarette. Fussa Church treasurer Sima Pavilion carrying a lever long the seedling shotgun, jumped out from the front door. His movements are supple, nimble, like a young man like. The driver hurriedly stood up, looked at the big manager. Sima Pavilion snatched the pipe from coachman hands, very loud pumping a few mouthfuls, then he looked up at the sky at dawn rosy a yawn, said: "start, stop waiting in ink River bridgehead, I'll be there. '

    Coachman and seizing the reins, shaking with a whip in one hand cupped around the horse, turned the front. The girls of the family huddled in the car, twittering clamored. The coachman has hit a whip, the horses trot. Horse neck hung a brass bell jingling Cui Xiang, wheels rolling cheap MBT Shoes, roll up all the way dust.

    Sima kiosks in the street carelessly sprinkled with a urine facing the carriage away roar of a voice, and then, holding the shotgun, climbed the observation tower of the street. The high tower thirty feet, with a ninety-nine coarse roundwood barricaded. The top of the tower is a small platform stage stuck a red flag. The morning wind, wet banner dejected. Shangguan Lu see Sima pavilion standing on the platform, ground his head looked to the northwest. His long neck, upturned mouth, as if one is drinking goose. A mass of fluffy white mist rolling over, engulfing Sima kiosks spit Sima Pavilion. The blood-red glow red face Sima Pavilion. Shangguan Lu was Sima kiosk face mask layer taffy MBT trainers, shiny, sticky, greasy, dazzling. His pistol with both hands high over his head, blushed like a cockscomb sub. Shangguan Lu heard by a small ring, it is the sound of the bolt hit the ignition cap. He Ju Zhaoqiang, solemnly waiting a long, long time. Shangguan Lu also waiting, despite the heavy soil dustpan fall hands tingling, despite the crooked neck very awkward. Sima kiosk drop the gun, lips pursed, like a fit of anger boy. She heard he cursed, scolded the gun. This grandson! Dare not ring! Then he raised his gun, firing snapped the thin ring after a fire jump out of the muzzle, dim glow, according to the white of his red face. The cry rang sharp, torn village quiet, suddenly Rays sky, colorful, as if a fairy standing on a cloud, so bright petals were numerous. Shangguan Lu excited. She is the wife of a blacksmith, but the fact she blacksmith technology husbands, as long as it is to see the iron with fire, blood heat. Blooded scour vascular sub. Muscle storm convex, one by one, like a scabbard bullwhip black iron hit the red iron the flowers the radiance, Hantou jia back, the flow of the milk into the ditch into the river, the iron smell of blood filled the between heaven and earth. She saw Sima Pavilion jumped in the tall tower. The humid air of the early morning, was filled with smoke and the smoke flavor. The Sima Pavilion dragging cavity sowed the high turned around the circle of the entire high-density Northeast Township, warned: "The folks who Jap coming!" 




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