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The coach various hot styles bags series

  The coach various hot styles bags series

Golden suitcase

Tempting golden people aspire to, fine bead chain into the package gently tied suitcase full possession of secret Coach Outlet gorgeous and unique golden suitcase to be loaded with the highlight of the festival, the rotation covered buttons instead of within the button design, not only to avoid a the prevalent may also play a small decorative role, Stock sparkling suitcase, you will inadvertently beautiful holiday considerably.

Trim wallets

COACH the possibility of playing colors in this series, small coins package also smear on a bright festive colors, use the same color skin side wrapped, to such a small items many reiki, also increase their sense of presence, retro color bag buckles and magic constructed the classic luxurious texture, is the indispensable elements in the festival.

Metal trim imitation satin handbag

Classic handbag styles implies Coach Factory Outlet this series of happy theme, quintana golden use gold and black perfect match, it becomes luxurious eye-catching, festive atmosphere burning up in an instant, and fold design makes this handbags and more smooth and delicate texture, reveals a soft and easy.

Decorative buttons handbag

Classic logo scarf metal texture covered with Coach Factory of this handbag, bag body bold gold and silver color transition attached the indescribable happy mood, which is a bit cool, but the need to unleash the kind of festival, with a full Baoshen faint circular metal ring exposed some naughty, like spread of fireworks in the night sky, dazzling and exciting, to lay down the law-abiding, briefcase, give it a try blooming merry!

Classic signs scarf 

COACH in this series considerate introduced a colorful scarves, classical LOGO through the different knitting filled with the whole scarf, it has bright colors will be the overall wear considerably.

Founded in the 1940s, the Coach Outlet Store brand, has always been a symbol of American professional women. Until the late 1980s, Coach American family favorite for its durable quality. At that time, most women wear to work on Wall Street straight breasted shirt, banner silk bow tie, and then with a Coach briefcase.

However, this situation changed in the 1990s. American office workers are no longer required to wear a less formal and serious, briefcase that can be converted into a more fashionable style, this new wave of start of the workplace impact to the traditional conservative Coach. At the same time, such as LV and Gucci brands from Europe into the U.S. market - the bright colors of these European boutique, fashion design, by contrast, the Coach limited variety, style is fresh and innovative.

Times have changed, Coach Factory was overtaken by a late set up early. Appointed CEO in 1995, Frankfurt (Lew Frankfort), he realized that "the change."

2000, Coach of the average selling price of $ 200, less than half of the European boutique, but the quality is still "durable". In view of this situation, the company's internal discussion fingertips luxury "positioning, available to those who do not want to spend to buy expensive European boutique but consumers desire a boutique, another alternative.

The higher the price, the lower sales, consumers too narrow "most offensive Frankfurt European luxury business management. "In the United States, we are locked in the top 20% of households, and other European brands may lock only 3% of households." Coach of the choice made by this interpretation.piumini moncler




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