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The body of the twenty-second apology

   The body of the twenty-second apology

The same day, of Tianyang door a lot of people see their little head flushed an angry look, looked at him and some dust, a lot of people are guessing that the young master, what happened,MBT Shoes UK do is losing out to eat, and come back to find Suhong complain?

Many people suspect that little head out to eat at a disadvantage, but they never thought about their young master in Tianyang door was to beat the last do not know what people spreading rumors, the whole Tianyang door up and down the young master Korean words to hit. The young master does not know the Korean words does not mean that others do not know, or did not participate in the banquet last night, almost all know the Korean words at a young age, almost became the Custodian of the Tianyang door, and this was almost not others MBT Salecan not , but do not want to.

"Oh, great play saw" a lot of people are gloating Korean words of a fourteen-year-old boy, and of unknown origin, who is not willing to let him when the law enforcement, a feather boy status on top of them, that time to other martial art on the outside is not laughable.

"Ah, less head temper? Let Jintie Cheng first Dandyism large and small ah, and our main door and then shield their mistakes, also a special love for him, even if the door of some law enforcement chief bodyguards dare rebuke less head Other law enforcement who are not on his respectful. " A lot of people want to look at the Korean words suspected Suhong illegitimate child and less head this important position in Suhong mind absolute son who, of course, that the so-called illegitimate MBT  MBT UK Shoes child are those who are bored imagined out.

They expected in a great earthquake, this thing does not seem to cause Suhong attention to the end, we only see less head to look indifferent withdraw from Suhong residence, then went over to the words the residence of a person to Han .

As the protagonist of the incident, the Korean words already put the thing forgotten, though a small head of some strange, but that was not his concern, he cheats or take a good look.

Past life, he know of those magical things MBT Amali Shoes, but in that world, martial arts internal forces just something legendary, although he had interest, but there is no opportunity to learn, and now his hands there is a martial arts miscellaneous, he already can not wait to practice.

Opened the first page is some brief power law, see out the cheats should be a copy of Tianyang power is divided into a total of six layers, each layer has a corresponding realm of practice to the extreme, that the power of quite amazing.

Looked at those introduced, Korea Introduction hearts in the first layer, the equivalent of the realm of ordinary Warrior, the second layer is equivalent senior Warrior, the third layer is martial arts Xiaocheng, while the fourth floor is a large martial arts became. " surprised, although he knew some of the world on the magic of MBT trainers the world sea, but so far those things is not that they can contact, the fourth layer of this power law is martial arts Dacheng practice to the sixth floor will be what realm ?

Su Hong is a martial arts Dacheng realm "before seem to know just the realm jumped back Jintie Cheng of the other two forces, it seems Suhong practice to the fourth floor of the Tianyang power, just the fourth layer, in this Jintie Cheng invincible behind two layers of not more powerful? "Han words the thought before Suhong a shock and awe the audience look Changle Bang stone just martial arts Xiaocheng Tianyang power like That own practice to the third floor, you do not need to fear Changle Bang.

Looked back, fifth and sixth, respectively, the realm of birth and saver realm, layer VI saver realm has been the equivalent of the peak of the Warrior, even if at MBT Shoes that time the Sword flight is not impossible.

These things you want to see what the Korean words, "the saver realm, do not know how long I have to in order to achieve!" Past life, his body quality, absolute count is super metamorphosis, he thought he could practice speed should not bad, after all, Suhong, but is serious about his talent, and he knows inside his body seems it also contains a powerful energy mysterious Emperor to eat that fruit is definitely not where the products.

"Do not know that they reached what realm!" Korean words only know martial arts, Dacheng is probably what level of knowledge of the other are, just as he was ready to practice when suddenly someone knocked on the door.

"Come in!" Han Introduction brow microfold, he is not a commandment not allowed to anyone bother? The door was pushed open, that little head of his face ridicule came and looked around before cheap MBT Shoes facing the Korean words slightly line of a ceremony, "Boy Su Can not know Korean Shishu become my father Young before really offended , ha ha. " 




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