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smear on the door blasphemous foul language

 Closed the door of the church facing the street, smear on the door blasphemous foul language. Along an alley, we went around to the backyard of the church, sounded the small door facing the vast wilderness . Wooden tent pegs on the door, tied to the bird thin bone Neilingding the goat's milk. Long face, how to look also feel that this is not the face of a goat, but a donkey's face, the face of the camel, the old woman's face. It raised his head, dark eyes looked at my mother. Mother cocked a toe, rub rub it on the chin. It was touching to a cry, he bowed his head to graze. Yard rumbling sound, as well as the Maloja pastor Hanghang coughing. Mother fiddled with the iron door ruthenium Diao. The door squeak twist cry, opened a crack, holding my mother, narrow body, flash inside. Maloja shut the door, turned around, his long arms to us in his arms, the soil of his land Road saying: "child pimple the I kiss Tengteng meat! ......"

At this time, the sand moon led he had just set up Heilv shotgun team, the road traveled along our funeral, gleefully ran toward the village. The road on both sides, the side of the the autumn grow sorghum stubble ground side of the ink the river spread over reed. A hot summer sun and luscious rain, so that all plants are General Growth crazy Cheap MBT Shoes. The mast sorghum leaves in autumn, thick stem, one high not show spike; reed Heiyou, stems and leaves covered with white hairs. Seasonal is the Mid-Autumn Festival, despite the wind, smell less than a shred autumn smell, but sky blue autumn sky, the sun has been bright autumn sunshine.

The Sand Moon and his party of 28 people riding a plain black Jiaolv. The donkey Wulian County, the southern foothills of the specialty. Tall mast, supple legs, as fast as the horse, but excellent endurance, able to travel long distances. Sand moon from more than eight hundred donkeys, select the twenty-eight no castration, his voice loud and clear, the blooming youth Heilv team as his shotgun horse. The twenty-eight Heilv go into a black stream line in a small way, like water flowing.

The road over the shrouded in milky Yan Lan, the sun reflects off the donkey body. Could see the the town broken clock tower and Liao Lookout, a donkey at the head of Sand moon pulled donkey reins, stopped the donkey step behind the donkey stubborn advocacy up. Sand Moon his players look back released a donkey command, followed by another release wash, wash the neck, wash the command of the donkey. His Heishou hung with a serious expression on his face, severely reprimanded the lazy players after the ass.

His face, neck wash, wash donkey mentioned the glorious heights. He said that the guerrilla forces like mushrooms everywhere emerge our Heilv shotgun team to their own unique style to suppress other guerrillas ultimately occupy a piece of high-density Northeast Township site. In order to establish credibility in the eyes of ordinary people MBT Shoes, the words and deeds should pay attention to. In his mobilization players consciousness quickly, they are out of the light arm, clothes hanging on the reed, standing in the shallow water of the lake, puff Lulu shampoo wash wash neck. They are new shaved head, scalp green yo shine. Sand moon from the bag and pulled out a soap, cut into small pieces, and give each team, so they carefully wash, washed spotless.

He also standing in the water, skew and end up with a large purple scar on the shoulder, rubbing his neck Huigou. , The black Jiaolv have some interest in their bathing dull biting reed leaves, some biting sorghum leaves, and some other nibbling each other's ass, some contemplative hidden clappers drilled bladder , and one a beating belly. In black Jiaolv are each looking for their own fun, his mother struggled to free himself from the embrace of the Maloja, complained: "You donkey, the children crowded pain!"

Maloja sorry smile, exposing a neat white teeth. He stretched out a red hand towards us, slightly paused, took another only hand out. My mouth a finger, mouth issued whining wah-wah sound. The eight sister but wood child-like, cry not called nor. She is born blind.

Mother only hand I said: "You see him in front of your smile." Then I fell on his two wet hands. His face bent over my face, and I saw his head on the orang, yellow hair on the chin MBT Boots Sale, the olecranon like a big nose, and that two flashing compassion blue eyes. Burst of unbearable tingling in my back, I spit out the finger, and opened his mouth to cry, back pain straight bar bone marrow, tears filled my eye socket.

His wet lips touched my forehead, I felt the trembling of his lips, the smell to the Xingshan taste of his mouth kind of spicy onion flavor and goat's milk.

I handed also mother ashamed to say: "I scared, right? I'm scared."

Mother handed the eight sister Maloja, took me, slapping me, shaking me and muttered: "Do not cry, do not cry, Who is he? You do not know him? Are you afraid of him? Oh, we are not afraid, he is good man, your pro ... kiss the godfather ......

Back tingling continues, I cried throat hoarse. Mother set off the skirt, nipple into my mouth I like fishing a straw gripped the nipple, hard suck, surging milk with a taste of grass Moncler Jacken, coming down my throat . But the sting forced me to give up the nipple, continue wails. Maloja rubbing his hands nervously. He ran to the wall, and tear to a grass tassels, shaking in my eyes, is invalid and I continued to cry. He ran to the corner and force ripped a moon so big, the trimmed circle golden petals sunflower plate, held dangle in front of me, its odor attracts me. Maloja priest running a busy eight sister quietly sleeping in his arms.




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