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Sima Pavilion mention gong into my yard

 Sima Pavilion mention gong into my yard. This is an air-dry loofah, very difficult to give his exact age, because he is full of wrinkled face, born with a strawberry-like nose, there are two dark, were rolling rotation, childlike eyes . His back stooped, seems to have entered the twilight, but his hands maintained white and fat MBT Chapa Shoes , palm raw meat vortex of the five-round. Like to remind the attention of the mother-like, he stood only a step away from the mother, violently knocking gong. Bang Lang Lang Lang, gong hoarse, with a broken voice. Mother half crying the swallow Gengzhebozai, a minute, neither inhale nor exhale. Miserable where! Sima the booths looked in my yard corpse, exaggerated sigh. His mouth and lips, cheeks and ears on the exhibit emotions of grief, and indignation; gloat over his nose and eyes betray secret of emotions coursing. He went to the the lying on Shangguan Fluke next woodenly stood for a moment. He then went the body first separation Shangguan sukiyaki next, bent down and stared at the lost luster eyes, seemed to share feelings with him. His grin glimmer of saliva unknowingly flow out.

The serene look hi Shangguan Shou In contrast, stupid and brutal expression on his face. You do not listen to me MBT Fora Shoes , then, why do not you listen to my words Yeah ... he whispered murmured, like in the condemnation of the dead, but also like himself. Went to the front of his mother, he said: sukiyaki house, I had them carried away, this weather, you see. He turn his face to the sky the mother also turn his face to the sky. The head of the day is a depressing gray lead, while in the east, the blood-red glow, a large group of black cloud oppressed. My stone lions damp sweat it, this rain will be here soon. Do not pull them out, the rain shower, sun drying, you think about it ... Sima Pavilion whispered murmured. Mother holding eight sister and I, kneeling in the front of Sima Pavilion, said: dispensers, I widows and orphans, they rely on you, the children, kneel to you uncle. Sisters Sarkozy is kneeling before Sima Pavilion. When local and knocked the gong, the effort is very fierceMBT Kimondo Shoes White. Speaks of his ancestors, he swore, and tears into the stream, said: are sand hybrids strokes moon curse, he hit the ambush, poke a tiger the Ding eye sub, the Japanese to kill people blow off steam. Brothers and sisters, nieces, all together, do not cry, was a disaster, not just your family, Who I Zhang the Wei Han Magistrate appointed mayor? Magistrate run, the mayor does not run. Operation of his fathers! Outside the gate, he cried out: Gou three Yao Fourth, you still dawdling What Would I use the eight people Dajiao you carried in?

    Gou three and Yao Fourth, waist walked into my yard, followed them coming town of mora.

    They of Sima Tingzhen long claws, front leg after a guard of honor and entourage mayor of the performance of official duties, the mayor's power and prestige and authority, manifested through them. The YAO four cards with a nail with burr toilet paper into the notebook, a beautiful flower rod pencil sandwiched between the ear and the head. Gou three struggling Shangguan Fluke turn over, let him swelling blackened her face toward the sky Clouds in the clouds. He dragged his long cavity sings: SHANGGUAN Fluke - his head was split to death - head of household -. Yao four fingers complacent spittle turned over the household registration book had to turn to turn to MBT UK, turn to look through to and finally found belonging to the Shangguan home page, and then scored from ear pencil, knelt on one knee, a leg support from the household registration book had resting on the knee, the nib before poking the tip of the tongue, and then scratched Shangguan Fluke's name. Shangguan sukiyaki - Gou three voice suddenly lost just been loud and clear - the body's first separation and died. Mother busted cry.

    The Sima Pavilion YAO four: Previous in mind, listening to understand? Yao four Shangguan sukiyaki name only circle a circle, no record of his death. Sima Pavilion picked up a gong flog beating Yao IV head and scolded: your mother's legs, the dead body would dare to cut corners, you bully I can not read this? Yao Distressed four, said: lord, do not fight, I have in mind, forget in a thousand years. The Sima Pavilion stared and said: you hanging long life, can live for a thousand years, is the turtle or tortoise? Yao four: classic, but the analogy. This is your Taikang - who bicker with you! Sima booths and playing the the Yao forty-one gong flog. Shangguan - Gou three standing in Shangguan Lu front, side face asked her mother: What is your mother-in-law, surnamed? Mother shook her head. Yao four beating with pen and notebook says: surnamed Lu! Shangguan Lu - Gou three shouting cheap MBT Shoes, leaned over to inspect her body. Strange, did not hurt, he murmured, dial dial Shangguan Lu white-haired head. From her mouth, uttered a moan thin. Gou three suddenly straightened up, stunned, back again and again, mouth awkwardly: Chad ...... Chad corpse ...... Shangguan Lu slowly opened his eyes, like a new-born babies, undisciplined eyes, no goal. Mother shouting: the Niang ah! Mother stuffed into the arms of two sisters and eight sister and I ran to the grandmother around the two-step, but suddenly Shazhu the pace. The mother felt grandmother's eyes with a focus. The focus is on me, my older sister's arms. The Sima Pavilion: siblings, old aunt is a supernatural power, look at this way, she want to see the child is a boy, right? Grandmother's eyes made me uncomfortable, I cried. The Sima Pavilion: her grandchildren to look at her, so that she could safely walk. Took my mother from the arms of Sister knelt, Xihang to grandmother's side, I asked her above the eye, cried: Mother, ah, I am also no way to take this step before ah ...... the following in my ass Shangguan Lu's eyes suddenly emit sparkling brilliance. Her stomach rumbling a few times, and there will be a stench that comes out. Finished, sprinkle the gas, this is really finished, Sima Pavilion. Mother holding me to stand up in front of many men, set off a skirt, a nipple into my mouth, heavy breasts covered my face, I stopped crying. : Shangguan Lu, the Shangguan Fluke's wife MBT Boots Sale , the mother Shangguan sukiyaki, husband dead child death, pain heartbroken child died the Sima Tingzhen long announced. There! Raised the go!

    Several corpses players carrying iron grapple over, just to be up official Lu who brandish hook, she was like an old turtle, get up slowly. The sun shining on her swollen face, like a lemon, like rice cakes. She smiled coldly, perched the wall sat down, like a sedate hill.

    The Sima Pavilion: old aunt, you really Daming.

    The mayor's entourage who each put a spray shochu sheep stomach towels cover in the mouth, in order to resist the taste of the corpse. Carried in a door, door still remained illegible couplet. Four mora - they are the town hall corpses players - hurry grapple with iron hooked Shangguan Fluke's limbs, and threw him in the door. Two mora, one after the lift door, walked outside to the large. Shangguan Flow's arm, hanging in the door, like a pendulum leisurely to and fro. Opened the door of the old lady to the point! Lift the door a the mora big shouting MBT Shoes UK. Two mora went to the front to go. Sun Aunt tinker wife! How she will die in here? Loud talk with someone in the alley. First carried her to the car to go. Alley a racket sound.

    Door flat on the side of Shangguan sukiyaki. He maintained a posture before she died, that facing the heavens appeals chamber yard, a string of transparent bubbles emerge, as if inside hidden in a pot of crabs. Corpses players hesitated, and I do not know how to start. One said: Hi, so get on the go. Then he raised his iron hook sub.

    The mother shouted: Do not use a hook in his ah! Mother I stuffed Sister arms, wails Headless corpses flew at her husband's side. She try to test the waters to want to pick up the sinking head, but her fingers just touched the thing instantly shrink back. Sister-in-law, forget it, do not you also put his head placement? You look at go to the car, some dogs eat only the next leg, and he is quite good! Mouth clutching his towel, that mora growled out of the way, you do not look back too far to go. He rudely drag mother, she and her sister were pushed together. He once again reminds us that: all shut our eyes!

    Mother and sister, who opened his eyes, and the dead bodies of the yard have all been dragged out.

    We followed the fully stacked corpses carriage walking down the dusty street. Three horses, just like the previous day morning to see my eldest sister: an apricot, a purplish red, a light green. They crestfallen, dark body color. Children's horse pull tip apricot horse lame leg, a walk a probe. The driver dragged the whip hand her story, rod. On both sides of its head is a black hair in the middle is a white hair, like an old tits. Both sides of the street Moncler Jacken, a dozen dogs red eyes staring at the dead bodies in the car. The carriage behind undisciplined soot, followed by the families of the victims.

    Behind us, is Sima Tingzhen long and his entourage. Some of them carrying a shovel, some carrying iron grappling hooks, one carrying a top tied to a bouquet of red cloth Changgan. Sima Pavilion mention the gong every Ji Shibu knock. The gong sounds, the families of the victims chorus of wails. They cry very reluctantly like the gong the curl lingering just fade away, crying will stop. Does not seem to be crying for their loved ones, but in order to complete the mayor sent to the task.

    In this way, we followed the carriage, crying intermittently, passing the church bell tower collapsed, passing five years ago Sima kiosks and his brother Sima library test wind grinding mill. More than a dozen old windmill stands in the mill over the Gaga Lala ringing. We lost Twenty years ago, a Japanese businessman Mifune rice Lang founded the former site of the U.S. cotton introduction, Ltd. in the right side of the street, and the high-density the magistrate cattle Teng Xiao mobilization the lectern put the feet of women threshing ground lost in the Sima family. Finally, the carriage along the ink river road, turn left into the flat wilderness has been extended to the marshlands. Blowing humid southerly MBT Scarpe, blowing the breath of corruption. Toad in the roadside ditches in the river shallows, growled cried groups of mast tadpoles, change the color of the river. 




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