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She wanted to do a man – 3

 She wanted to do a man – 3

Zhang Xiu took the English book, Su Yi lying beside her, listening to her chatter about grammar, two people with short hair, but Zhang Xiu is black, like the deep sea black pearl, Moncler Jackets Su Yi is maroon, soft people palpitations, two head resting against the head, snuggle in bed.
She found, Su Yi really obedient, obedient to like asleep, for to do usually give him a remedial English, he certainly early protest, so she, raising his hand to scoop up the profile of his angular face, a pair of stars general long eye --- really tightly shut! She suddenly rolled his eyes.
However, Su Yi is really nice, even if asleep, but also good-looking, her trembling scroll the lashes, slowly close to his face, extremely light and soft kiss, printed on his lips.
Slips, he opened his eyes.
Zhang Xiuli horse lifted his head, who thought he even pretended to sleep, little face up Xiunu red unrest biting his lower lip.
Su Yi this hoarse voice, with a hint of sexy the extended piano prince fingers lightly across her bite whitened mouth, "Do not bite will hurt ..."
Her awkward holding Su Yi fingers, eyes, circulation, repressed Moncler Outlet inner trembling, "Su Yi, you really like season warm it?"
He nodded.
"You would also like someone else, such as ..." like me so I thought, no one asked exports.
Minor repairs that you like. "
She began a restless, biting his lower lip, the eyes do not know to put where, only casually floating in a small space, sighing loudly, "."
Zhang Xiu thought he know what they like, not just kind of like their loved ones, but between men and women, but he is now, but also like not know.
Su Yi smiled and asked softly, "that there might, in love with someone else?"
His question, asked high, both ignored her heart has been gradually revealed, but also stuck her heart, whether the firm.
Of course not, So easy, no one will like, so she pulled his hand, it comes to very serious, "Su Yi, I like you, you stop being like a quarter of warm?"
Su easy at first hesitated, then held her in his arms, gently stroking her black short hair, did not answer his question, raising his hand to turn off the bedside lamp, leaving only Moncler Sale the silence of a room and the two The sleepless breathing.
Repair, you little fool ...

Pro to college entrance examination on the afternoon of the day before, Su Yi out to finish off the basketball ran back to the door, urging the Wise cooking, claiming that if enough to eat and sleep well, sleep well on the exam, and can not be admitted Tsinghua University Beijing to see her performance.
He enticed to lift up the courtyards to wash clothes and mountains as high as the Wise, with a towel hanging on the neck to her wiping her hands, directly advancing the kitchen.
Zhang Xiu sitting stale on a small wooden stool, pestle chin, looked at him with disdain, "Su Master, I think Phoenix today is for you to eat meat, you also pass the test tomorrow Tsinghua University Beijing University."
Shuichi raised an eyebrow, "look down on me?"
She nodded obediently.
Su Yi Pieliaopiezui, sat down on colorful view of the position, do the laundry for her, and the cost of living in their home, all to yourself in the Wise pair of industrious hands.
Zhang Xiu walked over to his hand basin carry out, hands it is used to harp, not used to do Moncler Coats the laundry, the clothes I wash your side. "
Su Yi smiled, "That's your hand, you do not also like playing the piano it?"
She suddenly confident smile, raised his hand, which is the hands of a pair of wisdom, of course, is used to fill in the correct answer to acquire fame! Ha ha! "
She said yes, she is among the highest in the whole school model student test prestigious universities, it seems reasonable.
Supper, Su Yi has been giving her clip fish, said fish smart, smart people to test, so you want to eat more fish. But Zhang Xiu's mind is not on the fish, but she knew she should be today, menstrual aunt this kind of thing is simply her natural enemies, must be living death, a great aunt, but why exam tomorrow, but She did not have any way that she does not only fear of waiting.
Ready, lying on the bed early.
Sure enough, the early morning, when the stomach sudden pain of severe, out of the sweat, the clothes have been soaked in a whole person in bed-for a myriad of posture, may still sore, weather and sultry, the room only a wall-type fan blowing in the tireless, she was pale, some Cheap Moncler breathless, so has been turned been turned awake until the Su easy to turn.
He stumbled opening, minor repairs, you hit the aircraft it? Bed Good Huang ...




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