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Shangguan Lu's home scene is chaotic and colorful

 Shangguan Lu's home scene is chaotic and colorful

    In the spring of 1946, those mornings, Shangguan Lu's home scene is chaotic and colorful. Before the sun has not been out of the mountains, the thin, transparent Dawn loitering in the yard. At this time, the village is still sleeping, Swallows still nest daydream, cricket is still a hot spot for stove piano MBT Shoes UK, cattle still groove edge ruminant ... mother sat up from the kang, she moaned in pain, rubbing his sore finger, groping draped gown, bent and your the stiff arms tied armpit buttons difficult, then she hit a yawn and rubbed his face, opened his eyes, rub Xiakang. With their feet to find shoes, find shoes, her Xiakang rickety body, bent down to lift the heel, sit down on the bench, a tour kang's nest children, and then she went out to the yard, water scoop from the vat to put water in it. Wow, poured, Wow, two scoop every time scoop, occasionally scooping five scoop. Then she came in pots and watered the sheep to sheep shed.

    Five milk goats, three black and two white, gave birth to a long, narrow face, sickle-shaped corner, hung his long beard on his chin. They head to gather, the five mouths creak absorbed pot of water. Mother, so he took a broom to sheep Stan sub sweep together the. The the sheep feces sweeping to the circle go. From the alley to the new soil, pad in sheep column, combing them with a comb. Back to the cylinder side of the water. One by cleaning their teats, with a white towel and wipe clean. The goats are comfortably hum MBT Chapa Sport Shoes Grey. At this time, the sun coming out, red and purple, driving thin dawn. Mother back into the house, scrubbing pots, add water to the pot, shouting: "brother read, read brother this up." Plus millet and mung beans to the pot, add the final one soybeans, cover the pot. The stoop, Cha Cha rustle, plug into the stove grass. Deride it, paddled Yang Huo, the smell of sulfur, Shangguan Lu haystack turned over the dirty looks. "Old stuff, you gnaw does not die?

    Alive doing! Mother lamented. Slap Slap stripping stripping, soybean straw in the burning, fragrant WHACK! Residual the beans burst in a fire. "A concept younger brother! Up yet? Sima grain stumbled out from the east between the house and went to the yard, looking for the toilet. Chimney of smoke. The concept brother in the yard, a bucket ring, she was going to the river to fetch water. Baa - goat called wow - Lu Shengli cry. Sima the phoenix Sima Phoenix whines birds cents two sub-Oh Ya Ya birds cents lazy to get out of the house. brother was standing at the window combing. alley Gunma neighing, is the the Sima library cavalry squadron to the river Yinma group mule walked Mule soldiers squadron drink mules returned. jingle bell, white driving the squadron Lianju technology. "you to light a fire. "Mother ordered Sima grain." Golden Boy Yeah, get up! Up and go to the river to wash your face. "Mother moved to five loungers like wicker baskets yard. Handling the mother of five children to the wicker basket, let them supine. Mother command Elaeagnus spend:" to release milk goats go. The Elaeagnus spend Midon with spindly legs, Punta her hair MBT ShoesMBT Shoes, bleary-eyed into the sheepfold. Goats by Akira angle of her friendly out his tongue licking on her knees Huigou.

    Licked her itch. Her little fists beating the sheep's head, immature curse: "short tail ghost." She took off links with the reins of the goats by the collar buckle slap sheep ear and said: "Go, you are Lu Shengli." Lu victory milk goats happily shaking cocky, legs, feet and deft Lu Shengli side of the crates. Overturned her limbs, anxiously squeak wow with. The goats by split hind legs back a few steps, shook sway milk pockets hanging in the face of Lu Shengli. Looking for child mouth of goat's milk head kids mouth looking for goat's milk head, accurate action and skilled in perfect unison. Goat's milk so long and so big head and Lu Shengli like ferocious blackfish, one to engulf it. Big dumb dumb sheep, Sima the phoenix Sima Phoenix's sheep, one followed by one came to their master's side, his mouth close to the child with the same action, show the same skilled and understanding MBT Maliza Shoes Women Black. Golden the sunshine touching breastfeeding scenes. Bow see goats by their waist, eyes narrowed, the beard on his chin trembling slightly. Pot open, grandma. "Sima grain. "And then burned the moment." Mother wash your face in the yard. Fire quickly licked the bottom of the pot, which is modified by the explosion of a row of five classes brigade cooks Lao Zhang cookstoves. Sima of grain wearing a pants, bare Bibo. He was very thin, melancholy eyes.

Read brother carry water back bucket stick with the bear quiver, her braids waist, Bianshao bundled with a fashionable plastic rope. The sheep who opt to change the nipple to the children. "Eat it." Said the mother. Elaeagnus flowers to lay down on the table, the Sima food put chopsticks and bowls. Mother Sheng seven bowls of porridge, a bowl-bowls bowls of Siwan Wu Wan Liuwan. The Elaeagnus spend a small bench and teen idol gracefully. Read brother fed Shangguan Lu Yu. Snore Hey slipped. To brother and collar brother come to hold their own bowl. Various Sheng's porridge MBT Scarpe. Mother without looking, but muttered: "meal nor crazy." See her end porridge to drink in the yard. The concept brother said: "I heard the the independent columns fight back." Dinner. "Mother interrupted her. I fell on his knees to infants in their mothers' chests. Mother botch her face sideways porridge. "Mother, you are too accustomed to him, his nurse to eat a bride?" Nian brother said. 




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