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Shangguan Lu meal fed to the west wing sister came running out of breath

 Shangguan Lu meal fed to the west wing sister came running out of breath, and said: "Mother, it was all off, dumb brothers came with a group of dogs." Sisters panic anxiety. Mother as firm as a millstone. Her with a spoon to feed eight sister teen idol, then giggle creak chewing up a radish slices buy Cheap  MBT Shoes . She looked serene like a pregnant doe. The hustle and bustle of the outside suddenly quiet. Might be about over a smoke more the three glowing shadows turned over from the low, the head of the south wall of my house. Chia dumb three brothers. Like wiping followed them into the courtyard MBT Shoes UK, there are three of a like smooth Hunyou the black dog. Three black rainbow over the coping to slip in, quietly dropped to the ground. Crimson twilight, dumb solidification and their dog for a moment, like a group of sculptures. Big dumb carrying a gleaming Myanmar soft knife. The two dumb leaning on a cyan broadsword.

Three dumb dragging edged red rust mottled Pudao MBT Shoes On Sale . On their shoulders, Messenger small bundle of white flowers in a blue cloth, seemed to be a long journey. Sisters scared held his breath, his mother stoically grunting porridge. Suddenly, the big dumb roar heard, two dumb and dumb also follow roar, their dog followed roar. Population and the dog's mouth sprayed spittle star child the flying like Twinkling bug, in the twilight. Next, dumb knife show like The Catcher funeral day they crow war. In the distant early winter evening, my yard knife shiny, three supple men like hounds, to jump up dancing, try to stretch the steel plate, like the body, hanging in the branches of dozens of wild rabbit cut to pieces MBT Shoes. Their dog growled excitedly, shaking his huge head, bite Broken hare corpse and then throw to like a flying saucer. They toss enough, showing a contented look on his face. The yard of my house, became wild rabbit dismembered field. Few rabbit head, hanging from a tree alone air-dried fruit, like a legacy. Dumb they take the dog for them the swaggering walk a few laps in the yard, then, like when delphinium-like passing the wall MBT Shoes UK Sale , disappeared in the dusk day unlucky.

The mother holding Yuwan shallow smile. This distinctive smile, deep in our mind. Aging woman aging from breast, breast from the nipple. Because his older sister's elopement mother has always been playful tilt the pink nipple sudden hanging, hanging like ripe ears of corn head. While nutation pink color becomes purplish red. In those days MBT Boots Sale , the decrease in the secretion of milk of the breast, the taste of the milk also lost its former fresh aromatic and luscious; weak milk, a surge of deadwood breath. Fortunately, with the passage of time, the mother's mood gradually improved, especially after eating that big eel, drooping nipples slowly tilt to darken the color gradually faded, and secretion of milk restored to fall level. The disturbing this aging, after all, where the nipple and the breast-link, leaving a wrinkle, like a folded book pages, although re-flattening, but traces Quenan eliminate. The incident, which gave me a wake-up call, the instinct may be divinely inspired, I began to change on breast reckless attitude, I must cherish them, conserve them Moncler Sale, see them as the delicate vessels must gently. http://www.ukmonclerjacketsales.co.uk/

This year's winter is unusually cold, relying the half wing wheat and a cellar radish, safely transition to spring. Thirty-nine days coldest days, the snow diffuse plugged portal branches of the yard by snow pressure off. Wearing the Sand moon gift fur coat, sitting around the mother's side, to enter a state of hibernation. Day, the sun came out, the snow melted, the eaves hanging with thick ice, returning to the sparrows in the snow branches called upon waking up from hibernation. We have Guolehaojiu of snow for a day of water. Repeat extremely disgusted by the hundreds of dishes, sisters snow boiled radish Road. Sister the Shangguan recruit younger brother first proposed this year, the snow, the smell of blood, you must immediately lower river to carry water, otherwise you will have to somehow disease, even live alone milk Shangguan golden boy was not spared. Shangguan recruit younger brother has been replaced by Shangguan to brother leader status MBT Scarpe. The sister, born with two plump lips, voice, charming husky. Her considerable authority, because man winter since, she has overall responsibility for food, mothers are like a wounded cow, shy, sometimes justifiably dressed in that luxurious fox fur coat, sat on the kang, conditioning the body concerned about the quantity and quality of milk. "Starting today, the river lifting water to eat." Sister looked at the face of the mother, with a tone of voice can not be rejected, said. The mother did not oppose. Third Sister Shangguan collar brother the frowning, criticized Snow boiled radish bad taste, she once again proposed to sell the mule exchange for money and then the money to buy meat. Mother quipped: "ice and snow, where to sell the mule?" The Third Sister said: "that we catch wild rabbits, snowy, frozen not run a rabbit." Mother excitedly discoloration: "Remember, kids, this life Do not let me see the wild rabbit. "

    In fact, in this harsh winter, many of the village people eat greasy hare. Obese rabbits, like the long tail maggots crawling in the snow, even the woman with bound feet can capture of them. This winter, is the golden age of the red fox and grass fox, because of the war, the shotgun is all kinds of guerrillas snatched the village people did not weapons; mood of war, the village people were injured in hunting fox golden season where foxes have no fear for previous years to kill the body http://www.mbtshoesuka.co.uk/. In those long night, they revel in marshes, male fox they let all the mother fox are pregnant with a fetus beyond the constant. Them desolate agitation woo sounds're getting uneasy.2012.11.09 luowenbin




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