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Rival meet exceptionally jealous 1

 Rival meet exceptionally jealous 1

The season warm ... a boiling heart because of the sudden appearance of the name of the cold half of the "do not know, 1000?"
"Multiplied by 20."
She shoved turned, surprised everywhere, "20000?"
Slender finger pinch on her cheek, gently kneading and pinching, and seems to pinch enough, this intimate little trick to let her tight muscles relax a little, ah, very expensive is MBT UK not it, I want to go to work I earn money, buy it for her. "
"You actually do not think she was the kind of family is like the expensive stuff is too much vanity? Also bought her, your head is weathering it! To hit workers can earn so much money, and so you make money in winter had already passed, and besides, she later also like other more expensive things, you have to buy it for her? "
Su Yi must be crazy, quarter on pretty warm to MBT Shoes UK let him become so irrational? The roots of troubles this statement from time to fake! However, the thought of the man she loved, a man so big even his underwear did not washed, but still to love vanity girls hard working order another, Zhang Xiu's heart like Caesar an overturned pepper, burning pain.
"So Do not pretend to tell the truth, you do not like me enough, and so you really love a person, you would be willing to do anything for her, this is not injured to dead people, but working things, there is nothing. "
He said she loved him enough, or her love, he did not see?
"You really love her?" She looks MBT shoes sale forward to his denial, clear spring-like eyes deep look into his eyes, Canruo dawn.
Chest burst snapped tight, then emptying expect eyes recovery of indifferent the deserted extremely.
"Love her?"
Not tell, this world will always be love at first sight, Zheng Li Xun you so it? You can not tell the reason, in fact, the quarter warm you want so bad, she was very sensible, very strong, very independent, in order to quarter cold she eat a lot of pain, her mother and others adultery, let people wife killed his father alcoholism gambling, the surface sometimes that is not always what you see ... "
Then, his light sigh, warm breath blown into her ears, her unnatural cheap MBT Shoes rolled over, and she did not want to hear him sigh for another woman.
"I go to work, Zheng Li Xun their house a nightclub waiter hiring, salary should be pretty good, there are tips to take." Described her short if the breeze, like say a matter of course.
Su Yi squinted look of Xiunu, "Do you really think your brother is counseled right, Do I need you for me to raise a woman?"
Zhang Xiu Staveley, you want to really beautiful, but also for you to support her, she's my rival good, I'm just alone bored just say the lesson is not to earn a little money, the New Year when mom bought a few new clothes. "
"You say, seems to me very filial Oh ..."
She no longer answer he rolled into the house to sleep.

The following morning, the shining sun MBT shoes shines into the dormitory, last night the snow Pimi, sunny today, the weather is the most capricious.
Dorm room very warm, Su Yi asleep asleep kicking the quilt, slightly woke feeling some itching lower abdomen, narrowing his eyes aim to go down, the next card is correct holding knees sitting on their own side of the trunk, naughty fingers in their lower body point to point to, it is also with hop hop.
"You're playing ..."
She also nerve ah! Even if she is not really a man is not should also understand the pain of the man, she actually think this is fun!
Raising his hand to knock down her little hands do not behave, Cheguo quilt cover, a stretch, "how do you up so early?"
Early? 8:00, just notice everyone out snow school mbt outlet radio, and now already in full swing on the playground, there are several the portrait you Shuiqi to sleep to the unshakeable! "
"I do not call unshakeable, called during the day and good conscience the middle of the night are not afraid of ghosts knocking, the peace of mind to sleep!"
Repair the body of her cold bared cry, do not bother to argue with him, Who he does best is loquacious, Long T shirt tugged the body, just overshadowed buttocks, exposing her slender white thighs, stood up from a step past.
Su Yi grabbed her leg, supple feel suddenly spread from the palm of the hand, "What are you doing? Do a step to a step from man go, I will be unlucky!"
He kinda superstitious, however, her this morning MBT shoes clearance, she shall be subject to and fro step countless times, who let him sleep outside. Mouth raised a smile, she simply sat him down his forces directly, and last night's ambiguous posture.




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