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Rival meet exceptionally jealous – 4.1

 Rival meet exceptionally jealous – 4.1

Suddenly thrust, Xun Zheng ceremony the heart little excited, she was willing to believe, but excited too small, as small as soon ignore her grief coverage buried, like an abandoned little beast, fend for themselves licking their wounds.
Su easy grin, his white teeth, raising his hand and MBT salesqueezed her cheeks, "We are a small repair Sure enough, smart enough thing! Zheng Master is worried about me eat you!" Removed her hand towel, he stood up, glance at the silent Xun Zheng ceremony, "I go, you two Liaoba."
"I have to go, what to talk about with'll make it." She picked up the jacket to wear, leave and Su easy.
Originally, she wanted to ask Zheng Li Xun Can I arrange a waiter working in the nightclubs of their home to her and Su Yi, trouble so unpleasant, nor speak, talk about not waiting for him after a bend Jin late.
Red wool scarf took two laps around the neck, red color Chende her complexion MBT shoes uk crystal clear, outsiders looked sure to boast and girls, as well as her long Xipinenrou liked this a scarf to accompany her for five years, she will never forget in her 13 years old snow, Junior Su Yi with how sad Cang smile, it wrapped around her collar.
So he Shengshengshishi wrapped into your own heart.
The bloody taste has been spreading in his mouth, his platelet indeed condensate and the bad, just a little bleeding, and should be for a long time to stop.
He held out his arm, blocking the path of Zhang Xiu, gloomy look at her, "Do not go, you do not have the words, and I said, I want to hear MBT shoes uk."
She never take the initiative to contact him he do not have any doubt he, until finally she speak to him talk about some things he did not want to miss, so go a few days with MBT shoes on sale her pair of lukewarm Perhaps he will not mention the character, such a rare opportunity, he did not want to give up.
Even if she wants to say those frosty rejected, he is not afraid, anyway, she has said numerous times, Zaozaowanwan him to be stationed in her heart, and He Zheng Li Xun want, you will get.
"I do not want to say, I will become irrational and irrational people speak, they might finally you and I fight, or forget it." Sound that she was talking to him, never like on Su Yi is so breeze dough, will only be desolate, fool hear it, not with feelings.
The eyes staring Senleng outbreak of anger and sadness colleagues in addition to his body and shoved a pull, drag her into his arms close to the body, airtight,MBT shoes the long arm of a wave, the next five The take off thrown aside.
"You ... do not ..."




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