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N kinds of small white-collar die Breakfast

  N kinds of small white-collar die Breakfast
Milk melamine caused bladder cancer eggs "vacation"
I believe that the "melamine milk" incident a few years ago still haunt the long-term chronic intake of melamine not only increase the risk of kidney stones, more likely to produce bladder cancer. MBT sale "Vacation" eggs lead to intestinal infection
China Agricultural University Veterinary experts from the quarter Haifeng said Dr. Scarlet egg appears clear, there may be two reasons, first, the hen E. coli infection caused by tubal re-inflammation, added feed in the feeding process. Either reason, this egg has lead to the possibility of human intestinal infection, do not eat. Deterioration of soybean caused by liver cancer cooking oil cake hepatoma deal is off
Some unscrupulous traders to use some of the aging and deterioration of soybean, MBT trainers soybean After evaporation, add white sugar, the consumer is difficult to distinguish. Mixed with moldy or aging of soybean processed into milk may produce aflatoxin is one of the recognized strong carcinogens. Careful cooking oil cake, liver, and the deal is off a lot of unscrupulous traders in order to save costs, the use of cheap cooking oil "fried cake, from sewer waste oil contains large amounts of carcinogenic substances, cheap MBT Shoesnot only likely to cause food poisoning, but also an increase of liver cancer prevalence. Home to eat bread
Brightener-free bread by hand, away from the benzoyl attention to where the bread is homemade bread, and by no means the brightener bread, "sold out", "stain bread, brighteners benzoyl peroxide has a strong carcinogenic effect, and conceal the nature of the poor quality of flour, the harm can not be overlooked. Fruits and vegetables to lose weight girls carefully malnutrition
This diet seems to weight loss and healthy, but a long time can not give the body enough energy, MBT shoes lethargic in the morning will not only lead to reduced work efficiency, and may result in malnutrition. Car
Inhalation of exhaust traffic trouble
According to analysis, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide in automobile exhaust serious injury to the respiratory tract, increasing the risk of chronic lung disease.
Crowded public transportation subway
Bacteria get together and children, MBT shoes clearance also shot lying
The dirtiest cloth bus cushions, the average of each seat to be tested 80 bacterial colonies, almost almost floor; vinyl bus cushions and subway seats per seat tested two bacterial colonies .
Breathing harmful particles, it is better not to ride
Cycling is a sport than a car or walkers breathing heavier, faster. The study found that cyclists each breath should be inhaled about 1000 cubic centimeters of air. This means that every breath will allow the lungs to fill with air and inhaled tens of millions of pollution particles.
Health, the inhalation of exhaust gas at least.
Walking 20 to 30 minutes without interruption, MBT Shoes UKthe equivalent of walking 4,000 to 5,000 meters per hour, make the cardiovascular system is continuously fresh blood and oxygen throughout the body, can enhance the cardiac, lung and muscle function, and promote blood circulation . Regular exercise can control blood cholesterol levels, maintain clean and healthy arterial system.




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