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Meat does not hurt to hurt the brain how to eat to fill most

  Meat does not hurt to hurt the brain how to eat to fill most
Many childhood memories of meat as a luxury, and the planned economy era that bundled with the little prisoner. That time, only the Spring Festival this big day in order to eat meat dumplings, Moncler Jackets more children are left to steal diesel mouthful of fragrant memories. Now, more and more people the name of healthy eating less meat or even refuse meat. There such a laugh, say rural people do not understand the city: "We follow the city people eat meat, the city people are nothing but vegetarian."
The meat too much to hurt the "heart" injured "brain"
Scientific research has found that early humans eat fruits and vegetables and not eat meat. Insufficient required until after the Ice Age, human fruit, nuts and vegetables, in order to survive, began to eat the flesh of dead animals as a supplement. But after the ice age, vegetarian food adequacy, the habit of eating meat has survived. In real life around us has a lot of "meat animals", hamburgers, barbecue, roast duck,Moncler Outlet braised pork --- Dun Dun "would not be happy without meat. According to the 2002 National Nutrition Survey data show that China's urban and rural residents every day of animal food consumption of 248 grams and 126 grams, the standard is only 50-75 grams per day given by the Chinese Nutrition Society.
In fact, the ancient Chinese on the carnivorous controversial, "Spring and Autumn Annals weight has pointed out that good health does not taste all the Jane," because "the taste of all the Jane charge by the stomach, stomach filling and boring, big boring the gas is not up to. "People Jane" mainly refers to the class of animal foods such as fish, birds, beasts, the ancients believed such foods to eat more sluggish cause stomach digestive function, but also affect the accessibility of the blood function. Now an increasing number of experiments show that the meat too much to be very Cheap Moncler harmful to the human body: the United States every year at least one million new patients with heart disease, nearly 60 million people have lost their lives. Heart disease Research Council report noted that these patients with heart disease, most of the meat too much, eat vegetables and exercise too little. In addition, meat, and high cholesterol, obesity and other metabolic diseases are closely related. Recently, the British "Daily Mail" the author said, and even arthritis, gallstones, Alzheimer's disease, osteoporosis, these seemingly unrelated diseases, and meat and more can not get away. When turned carnivores human, not only will the physical damage, also make strong human brain dopamine, acetylcholine activity anomaly, caused by irritable, strong desire, but also affect the intelligence. "Meat of the
Yang Li said: "excessive meat is not good, but from nutrition, to give up meat is not good health, balanced diet is what we advocate." China Agricultural University,Moncler Sale Food Science and Nutrition Engineering, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, professor of health science Li Xingmin associate professor, said the agriculture, meat is generally divided into three categories, livestock, poultry and aquaculture. Pigs, cattle, sheep and other livestock; chickens, ducks, geese and other birds; fish, shrimp, shellfish and other aquatic products. Three types of meat tastes different, nutrition and the appropriate population is also different.
Beef, meat of the strongest. Where the body weak while the mental decline, eating beef is the most affordable. The amino acid composition of beef protein than pork closer to human needs, can improve the body resistance to disease, growth and development and surgical aftercare supplement the loss of blood, tissue repair, etc. is particularly suitable. But the beef of the muscle fibers than the rough is not digestible, high cholesterol and fat, so the elderly, young children and digestion is weak the people should not eat.
Lamb, the most nutritious meat. Mutton help Yuanyang to make up the blood,Moncler Coats the effect of the treatment of lung deficiency, patients with asthma, bronchitis, lung disease and Deficiency is quite useful. Can kidney yang tonic cold, strong body, and the winter nourishment diet treasures. It must be noted that the lamb, after all, partial warm, not everyone is safe. Wang, cough, sputum, indigestion, arthritis, eczema, and fever should not eat.
Pork, the meat of the most iron. The large difference of pork fat and lean, and fat in high fat content, protein content, eat more easily lead to diseases such as high cholesterol and obesity; proteins are mostly concentrated in the lean, and lean meat also contains hemoglobin, can play iron role in the prevention of anemia. Moncler Jackets Sale Hemoglobin in meat is absorbed better than the plants, so the effect of eating lean meat iron than eating vegetables.
Relatively soft, fibrous tissue of pork, it also contains a large amount of intramuscular fat, absorb better digest than beef. Chinese medicine believes that eat pork lean nourishing yin, disability allowance on fever, dry cough, constipation and other diseases have a certain therapeutic effect.
Chicken, fat meat. Here that the chicken is skinless chicken, chicken fat is almost all the chicken skin. Contains 24 grams of protein per 100 grams of chicken without the skin, but only 0.7 grams of fat. Chicken of malnutrition, cold chills, fatigue fatigue, irregular menstruation, anemia, weakness embolism have a good therapeutic effect.
Fish, trace elements, most of the meat. Extremely rich in trace elements in fish, Moncler UK calcium, aluminum, iron, manganese, copper, cobalt, nickel, zinc, iodine, chlorine, sulfur, etc., are necessary for the body. Although the aquatic products are rich in nutrients, but should not eat. Affected by marine pollution, often contain toxins and harmful substances, aquatic products within the excessive consumption of easy to cause stomach damage caused by gastrointestinal diseases.




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