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MBT Switzerland shoes pink mechanical test report

 MBT Switzerland shoes pink mechanical test report

MBT shoes worthy of our trust after experts in all aspects of testing, now take a look at MBT Shoes UK shoes mechanical test report.

MBT Switzerland shoes by the Chinese University of Hong Kong sports science department laboratory of human motion, six world-class identity shoes functional testing, to draw scientific research test report, citing MBT Switzerland shoes.
The test proved the trunk significantly straighten, strengthen the back muscles and help correct standing and walking.
Analysis of breathing gas method to calculate the calories consumed by the 20-minute walk. Tests prove that wearing MBT Sini Shoes extra consume 9-13% of calories can help accelerate the reach slimming effect.

Application storage insoles with 99 sensors, foot pressure measurement system, test conditions through foot pressure analysis. Tested and wearing walking shoes plantar pressure less than wearing MBT shoes walking.

Impact of the application of force plates measuring random speed walking foot. The tests proved wearing MBT shoes walking changes in the body posture of the foot touches the ground when ORDER generated impact force decreases.

Photographic recording and motion analysis method to study the characteristics of posture and movement characteristics of human walking, by the calculation results can be quantitatively understand walking human posture and movement characteristics, such as the angle of the torso, joint angles, body position of the center of gravity and stride and frequency and so on.

MBT shoes unique design allows the foot infinitely comfortable if you really wear will feel it to bring you top comfort. Here's a look at MBT and MBT Womens Shoes swing shoes wearing experience.

Wearing MBT swing shoes will make you more comfortable walking and the standing.IMBT the shoe also increase the health level of the wearer's every step. This relaxed, curved, slightly unstable design can activate your muscles instead of breaking them.
If you're wearing the MBT shoes, your body is forced to maintain its natural balance, thereby stimulating and exercising the body's muscular system support. Provide more exercise for your whole body, not even considered this problem, but to say the truth,

MBT shoes like a sponge, baggage, soft, cushioning feel, every step of the action of the spring, and I've become addicted.
Designed to provide comfortable walking MBT trainers shoes can give you real convenience, MBT shoes in all price brand shoes, boots, and other well-known footwear manufacturers project is the recognition of the world's well-known shoes. Range of MBT shoes, the shoes provided by the factory, is intended to increase walking, as well as exciting good effect on the health of the advantages.

MBT shoes is a the energy pressure relief health shoes, a versatile multi-purpose, suitable for multi-age consumers quality products, following MBT and MBT Xiaobian look for different groups of people, which is differentfunction.

1, MBT Switzerland shoes for young people in the process of its growth, fully stretched bones, increase height, strong body, reduce sports injuries, with you the healthy growth

3, MBT shoes for women is the gospel, can promote itself into the blood circulation, so that your face was ruddy, and reduce the symptoms of cold hands and feet, slender legs, build self-confidence.

4, MBT Shoes for busy friends who make you walking unknowingly get exercise and save a lot of valuable time to the pursuit of perfection Students worked hard for their careers.




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