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MBT shoes create a healthy and increase physical height

 MBT shoes create a healthy and increase physical height

The data from foreign study takes on the causes of adults' foot diseases, they includes: the proportion of 5% is because exercise excessive, walking imbalance accounts for 11%, 18% is because aging, 2% unexplained, so residue because of the shoes unfit, reach 64%. Therefore most of MBT Boots Sale diseases are caused by shoes. There are several shoes not beneficial to foot health.

High heel shoes with 10cm: wear high heel shoes more than 5cm, because the heel is lifting up, the whole weight falls on the forefoot palm, can not guarantee the stable of ankle, harm to the ankle. In addition, the knee also can be influenced by shoes, as the focus line of body centralisms in front of it, so when wearing high heel shoes to walk, the knees had to against back, straight excessive, this condition will accelerate the joint attrition and the degeneration, will cause the knee to have the ache, even will be unable to downstairs. Besides, the pelvis will appear the phenomenon that toward the ante version MBT Shoes, lead to the buttocks have the trend of going up, make lumbar vertebra excessively curved, force the lumbar vertebra joint oppression, at the same time cut down the muscle length of back, make the underbelly muscle relax. Therefore, when wearing the 10cm high heeled-shoes, should add some insoles which can alleviate the stress inside the shoes, such as silicone gasket, that able to ease the stress of forefoot palm.

Super thin plats: the cushion of heel falling on the land can reach head through leg bones and spine when walking. With the low heel, heel is going to bear more than 60% weight when landing on the land, once you walk long time, it will bring ache to ankle, knee, joint and waist. at last, the plantar ligament degenerate and bone tissue, make heel pain. You can select the shoes with 3-5cm heels, that the most appropriate for foot health.

Platform shoes: the result of wearing platform shoes is easy to lose balance, lead to sprained foot joint, foot bones or ligaments. A fact discovered by Japanese institute, there are about 23% of women because wearing platform shoes to lose balance when walking in the street, falling on the floor, making injured. Choose platform MBT Sale with sole area is larger and evener as possible as you can, increase stability and prevent you from falling, at the same time the height of shoes is best lower than 5cm.

Four important points should be taken an consideration: toe the higher, the better, toes in the toe to bend slightly, allow to keep 0.5-1cm of space for toe activity; do not ignore the ruggedness in the front part and waist of shoes, meanwhile the shoes should not too narrow, leave a little room; select soft leather especially under the part of ankle; choose the hard heel, otherwise the heel is too soft to support the weight, can not protect the feet.

Don't wear high-heeled shoes every day, the female who like to high-heeled shoes had better not to wear over 2 hours a day, in order to affect health MBT Scarpe. The best way to prepare a pair of comfortable slipper in the office, alternately wear, ease foot tired.




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