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MBT health shoes gray use technology

  MBT health shoes gray use technology

The advent of a new high-tech stuff, there are a lot of technology used on the inside, and the advent of MBT is so, because it can help people keep fit, so the highest use of the technical content, now take a look at MBT health What MBT Shoes use technology.

Special shape of MBT Shoes, stretching the hamstring gradually began to shrink, and at every step on the stretch once a day to go down several thousand times a hamstring pull, coupled with the far infrared to stimulate acupuncture points on the shoes, to promote blood circulation, and the human body to open into total shock, reduce shoulder pain, backache, back pain, leg tired, cold hands and feet, Shu by living bone, physical fitness.

MBT health shoes first use "FKE slimming the former kinetic energy" technical principles, as we all know, the energy consumed by the uphill is different from the plains, for consumption on the ramp around 8-15 ° slope energy is almost 2-3 times that of the plains. MBT shoes before the shoes of the production will be the Ministry of upturned 15 °, the body center of gravity falls in the wear MBT Vizuri GTX heels, thigh, calf Bengzhi, muscle tension increases, the slope of the road feeling like standing in the the constantly focus moved from the heel to the toes as climbing climbing stamina, but do not pay, will be able to produce the effect of kinetic energy of the climbing, the energy consumption for the usual walk more than 2 times the energy consumption in vivo.

So we wear it to go a step equivalent to the usual walk 8 paces the way to our shoes for the people who need it, especially people older people, has been to the health standards of sports.

MBT is a magic shoes, put on a lot of people it will love does not address the foot, following on with a soft spot of his British friends MBT MBT Xiaobian a look at it.

This origin Switzerland's shoes, it is amazing. Named MBT. The marketing slogan is: to build the world's most comfortable and healthy shoes. Here are some of the MBT Xiaobian to introduce myself!

Bu Lulu as customers become a the shoes walking advertisement. The past few years he almost only wear MBT Womens Shoes. The store's business grew and grew. A set of marketing strategies: genuine products, sales in the store. Each customer must have been measured, try, including shoe store :) put out after the toes the position you want to check, they sell you shoes. Because more and more popular, fake and shoddy. The official website affirms that our shoes will only specialized network sales.

Seeing this for the first time the MBT, three years ago. Bu Lulu was introduced, to go to the store, said this shoe can cure low back pain. I remember that he spent 120 pounds to buy a MBT health shoes black, then the parity of RMB 1800, to buy the shoes of a Big Mac looks. Feel a little crazy. This shoe has a thick bottom, a little two Alice, when you stand up straight, it will guide your body in a straight line. To keep in shape, but also sports usually do not you will use part of the muscle. . Of course, this is a pair of shoes attached to the CD says. I do not believe.

After New Year's Day, I saw a store discount. They bought a pair of MBT Nafasi Shoes. The original price of 160 pounds, 130 pounds after the kick off. Wear such shoes for the first time, can only wear two hours a day, and gradually increase the time, over a week, can any wear. Sure enough, no small matter. That boots. Just out of 250 pounds. Too expensive, do not buy. Now down to 185 pounds. I'll buy a home. Speaking of shopping. Now the UK's something really quite cheap.

MBT is a typical shoes started the craze. MBT shoes can walk on the maximum amount of time a pair of shoes in the world. MBT can correct your walking posture, can help the body burn more calories, MBT shoes can reduce back pain, alleviate the problems of the joints and knees, etc..

2. A lot of walk: we should always stand up and participate in the walk. While this seems to be very simple, but very important. You will be surprised, first wearing MBT shoes. This will take some time to adapt to it. This is another important reason to enter the retail store and speak on behalf of the knowledge of main battle tanks. They can provide information about how to go its own useful tips.

People like MBT Shoes Sale from all different walks of life, including doctors, sports nutritionists, to love walkers and rehabilitation experts. They agree, MBT bring the body's physiological benefits make us feel worth the investment worth the money. Here is MBT Xiaobian tips available to purchase all MBT shoes, multi adoption is good for you

1. Get an error message: The biggest mistake people before buying MBT shoes, no more information about MBT shoes.

3. Online purchase MBT shoes is more cost effective, there are many online sites, you will give you a discount if you can buy the number. In addition, most of them offer free shipping, so you can use a very low price to buy a pair of authentic MBT shoes.

Wearing MBT walking can effectively exercise the small muscles around the joints, strengthen muscles, burn more fat, the pleasure of walking experience and exercise benefits can effectively treat obesity. Meanwhile, the heel height of 5 centimeters, can achieve recessive effect of increased. This is an effective MBT health shoes.

Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT Karibu Shoes) was invented by Swiss engineer Karl Muller, during a visit to Korea, he found walking barefoot in the paddy fields alleviated his back pain. Return to Switzerland, Karl Muller started to develop a barefoot technology, the ground must be hard to walk city people, create a similar South Korean paddy fields or the East African savannah soft ground not gentle state, after years of painstaking research and development, MBT shoes Finally, in 1996 the market. Are sold in more than 20 countries, the annual sales of this revolutionary product is about one million pairs. cheap mbt shoes want to help people around the world have a more healthy, active and happy life. MBT believe that human fitness and health largely affected by the walk way, this view has been confirmed by the number of scientific research.

The majority of the hip problem is caused due to muscle imbalance around the hip. Maintain the same posture for too long (such as white-collar workers), the daily life and movement in unilateral pressure and tension will lead to shortened hip flexors, resulting in a balanced muscle recession, wearing MBT Scarpe, straight trunk is higher than wearing traditional shoes increased by 10%, more conducive to good hips, back and other physique shape, the hip muscle exercise increased +9%, from the beginning of each step, leading a healthy lifestyle. This is another efficacy of MBT's Oh!

MBT shoes "the world's smallest stadium" reputation much Madonna, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and other big favorite.




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