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Ma Wan would laugh: "ah ha ha ha ah ha ha ha, ah ha ha ha ......

  Ma Wan would laugh: "ah ha ha ha ah ha ha ha, ah ha ha ha ......"
    Sima library laughter forever, on the opposite riverbank, shoot straight cropped up one wore a yellow hat. Then there is the upper body of the dress in yellow and Horsehead. Dozens of people riding tall horses standing on the riverbank MBT UK. Although separated by several hundred meters, but she saw exactly the same the horses and Fan Sanye home stallion. Japanese devils! Japanese devils, and in the end to the Japanese devils ......
    Japan horsemen stone bridge, but did not take the blue flame rose up feeling glad to be washed down the opposite riverbank. Dozens of horses high horse awkwardly collision with a blink of an eye to the bottom of the river. They yelling gibberish, the horse neighs Huihui, red people of the river. The river just drown Matui, the horse's belly close to the surface of the water. Japanese horse to sit upright, back straight, head micro Yang, a picture of the face sunlight shining white, can not distinguish the nose eyes. With Maang his head, put on like a sprint, but they do not run togetherMBT Chapa Shoes . The river seems to open the syrup, exudes a fishy sweet flavor. The tall horse are difficult to trek, sparking clusters of blue waves. Those waves like a small flame that singed the horse's belly, so they continue to Yang heavy bulk of the body constantly provocative, the lower half of the tail was floating on the water. Immediately Japanese fluctuated. They are with both hands and pulled the bridle, stepping on the stirrup leg stretched straight, figure eight split. She saw a maroon Malaysia in the river heart stopped, cocked the the tail root cause, defecate out of the clouds of fecal egg submoncler Jacken . Immediately that the Japanese, anxiously leg followed by a knock horse stomach. The horse standing not moving, shaking Horsehead jitter bridles crashed ring.MBT Chapa Sport Shoes Water
    "To fight it, lads!" Someone in the left side of the bushes growled, then it is a cry the Liebo like muffled.
    Then a burst of varying thickness, thickness ranging sound. A Chi Chi braved the black stuff of white smoke rolled down to the river, and a roar, and set off a water column. Zaohong Ma strange that the Japanese body to jump up a bit, then immediately went to the back to go. Backwards in the process, his two stubby arms casually waving, chest one black blood suddenly Lala spilled out. Splashed on their heads. Splashed on the river. Horse Malaysian crashing sky flashed covered with black mud the forepaw and painted the oil the same broad and thick chest MBT Nama Shoes . After Malaysia forepaw whereabouts hit since a spray, Japanese soldiers have been overturned hanging in Ma Ding. Riding a dark horse on the Japanese soldiers plunged into the water. Japanese soldiers Qianpu Blue immediately, with his arms hanging on both sides of the horse neck, long sway off the head of the hat crooked horse neck surge of blood flow to the river along his ears. The river chaos, the rightful owners of the horse neighs, and turned back to the other side, struggling. The rest of the Japanese soldiers are immediately doubled up, legs clamping horses belly, put that shiny carbine hanging in the chest, facing the bush fire. Dozens of horses whirring rumbling, sloppily rushed shoals. The horse belly dripping clusters of pearl, Horseshoe all purple mud horse tail dragging bundles sparkling silk, drag a very, very long, has been stretching to the River Center.
    The white-haired, a forehead spend horses laden with a pale Japanese soldiers jump rushed to the riverbank.
    Bulky horseshoe pawing the shoals, issued the Puchi Puchi's voice. Immediately the Japanese soldiers eyes narrowed MBT Sale, stretched to the tooth-shaped mouth, and Ma Ding left hand tapping, right hand holding a shiny silver long knife, to rush into the bush. Shangguan to brother clearly see the tip of the nose of the Japanese soldiers sweat, thick eyelashes, Huama hear the wheezing sound emitted from the flowers horse nostrils, smell the sour taste of horse sweat. Suddenly, the emerging wave of red smoke on the forehead of the flowers horse strenuous exercise limbs froze numerous coarse wrinkles smooth horsehide. It's four feet suddenly soft down, the Japanese soldiers did not have time on horseback down, together with his horse fell in the bushes side.
    The Japanese horses ran down along the riverside east MBT Sini Shoes , went Shangguan brother where they put shoes, opt to bridle the horse through the bush to climb up the embankment. She can not see Japan Colts. She saw a horse big flower dead horse lying riverside, stained with black blood and sludge on the huge head, a big blue eyeball, sad stare at the blue sky. Under pressure in girth, that cop half of the body of a Japanese soldier lying in the mud on the head crooked in the side of a white is not a bit bloody hands in the water's edge, as if from the water fishing for something. The morning smooth shoals horseshoe trampled mess. The river central backwards a white horse, the river impact horse corpse moves slowly tumbling when the horse corpse belly up, four tall with crock fat large horseshoe Matui scary to stand on end, and shortly , the sound of water turbidity Matui they whirl in the water, waiting for the next opportunity pointing towards the sky. Horse to Shangguan brother impressed the Claret Malaysia, dragging the bodies of its rider, down the river, has come very far downstream MBT Sport Shoes , she suddenly thought, this horse is likely to Fan Sanye house to find a horse stallion. She firmly believes that The Claret Malaysia mares, stallions Fan Sanye home is a long-lost husband and wife. The fire is still burning on the stone bridge, bridge central aspartate heap jump from a yellow flame and white smoke. Blue bridge high arched waist issued wheezes and gasps issuing humming groan. She felt the bridge in flames into a serpent, twisted body, painful, eager soaring, but the head and tail but was firmly pinned. Poor stone bridge, she thought sadly. Poor German-made beauty brand bicycles MBT Scarpe , high-density Northeast Township only modern machinery, has been fired a bunch of crooked scrap iron.MBT Habari Sandals Shoes White
    The the choke nose the smell of gunpowder, rubber smell, the smell of blood, mud taste of the hot air and sticky and thick, she felt chest full of filth gas have exploded at any time. More serious is that the branches of shrubs in front of them is baked with a layer of oil, one mixed with Martian heat waves impinge upon, those branches rushing Baba burning. She was holding the sake of the younger brother, shrill call with sisters, ran out from the bushes. Standing on the riverbank, she counted the number of sisters, all in the face are hung with gray feet did not wear shoes, eyes straight, white ears are roasted red. She took the sisters rolling down the riverbank, and get ahead in front of an abandoned open space, is said to be a Muslim woman's existing home base, Duanbicanyuan The tall flax and Xanthii of wild shaded cheap MBT Shoes . Ran into the flax rye yard, she felt and ankle soft as if with dough shape into gap measures like a cone thorn. Sisters stumbled, crying incessantly. Therefore, they have slumped flax wheat yard again cuddle together. Sisters hid her face in the sister's skirt, only Shangguan to brother, bristling head, looked frightened brown fires diffuse on the riverbank.




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