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Japanese media: China no condition to boycott Japanese goods beyond Japanese goods say first

   Japanese media: China no condition to boycott Japanese goods beyond Japanese goods say first

"Japanese Economic News", September 25 article, the original title: impetuous boycott the not Japanese goods If you want to completely boycott of Japanese goods, if they can MBT sale strengthen their own strength, to be able to produce all products made in Japan.

Whether to buy a buy smartphones, which have a large number of parts and raw materials. If you do not want to use parts of Japan, it must be established in the world on a firm foothold in the semiconductor business. From a few decades ago, China began shouting nurture semiconductor companies, but until today, did not cultivate a top-class semiconductor companies in the world.

The semiconductor is a highly competitive industry, at least a year to require billions of dollars of investment in equipment, and also need many years of research and development. Moreover, these efforts are not necessarily immediate. Therefore, companies need to have the leadership to decisively make MBT Shoes UK decisions, and able to cope with the flexibility to change the business organization. China is no reason why fostered the semiconductor industry, the reason is not with the above conditions. Even if the enterprise has huge funds immediately to make money if the head is full of only their choice are often speculative real estate investments. Funds rarely invest in a semiconductor like a hot potatoMBT trainers takes a lot of time in order to profit.

Japan has a lot of SMEs in manufacturing parts for its mold. At a young age, I once interviewed a manufacturing thread cutting tools used in the production of screws. It was a small businesses with less than 100 employees. Manufacturing thread cutting tools can not earn a lot of money, but in a small factory, we are concentrating on their work. Quality of the Japanese auto industry, relying on these parts of the compact MBT shoes. In China, the funds are concentrated on large enterprises, SME loans is difficult, it is easy to be out of business. In this way, the accumulation of less than a technology.

China's gross domestic product (GDP) has to overtake Japan to become the second largest economy after the United States. For China, the next important should no longer be quantitative, but a qualitative change. Able to produce the raw materials and components above the above Japanese companies no longer need to rely on Japanese companies will be more flexible in the economic and political. However, the qualitative change no tricks, even if the boycott of Japanese companies to no avail.

If I might say: "took to the streets to call for a boycott of Japanese goods not a bad idea, but let's be more practical to work to make our products more than on the quality of all cheap MBT Shoes Japanese goods. As a result, the Japanese goods. will automatically disappear from the Chinese market. "(Murayama macro)




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