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It was the Lunar July seventh heaven Cowherd and Weaver tryst days

 It was the Lunar July seventh heaven Cowherd and Weaver tryst days

    It was the Lunar July seventh heaven Cowherd and Weaver tryst days. House muggy, mosquito-touch legs. Mother a straw mat sub shop in the pomegranate tree. We initially sat in the gallery, and later lying in the gallery, listening to the whisper of the mother of the sounds. The day a light rain, the mother said that Weaver tears. The air is humid, cool breeze blowing. Pomegranate tree, the leaves flash. West wing and east wing room MBT trainers, the soldiers point their self-made white candles. Mosquito bites mother Pushan expelled. On this day all the magpies in the world take to the skies, stacked layers, both linked in the Galaxy on serpented, set up a bird bridge. Weaver and the Cowherd stepping on bird bridge meet, rain and dew, they Acacia tears. Mother whispers, and Shangguan read younger brother, the son of Sima library, looking up at the starlit sky, to find that many stars. Eight sister Shangguan Lady blindness but also looked up, her eyes brighter than the stars.

    The alley ringing changing of the guard of soldiers returning heavy footsteps. The distant fields Washeng waves. The wall of lentils shelves, a katydid in singing: Iraq Soe Soe toot chatter - Iraq shuttle shuttle toot chatter - the dark night sky, some large bird boorish flight rash, we are watching them die fuzzy paste white shadow, listening to the chatter of their feathers friction. Squeaking bats excitement. Drops of water dripping from the leaves on the pit MBT Shoes. The Elaeagnus spent his mother's arms, and the name of uniform small snore. The east wing room, Shangguan collar brother issued cat sounds dumb big shadow in the light shaking. She and he is already married. The JIANG the political commissar When the witness. The quiet room becomes the Shangguan collar brother and dumb revel in the bridal chamber for birds cents tablets.

    Birds cents often half-naked body went to the yard to have a soldier peek the bird breast cents fascinated almost dumb wring the neck. Late at night, back to the house to sleep, the mother said. House heat, mosquitoes, so here we go to sleep, six said Tuesday. The mother said, not dew will hurt you, say, the air caihua the ... I seem to hear the air was talking about a good flower to gather it. Back to mining. Talk by spider jing, specifically adultery virgin.

    Lying on the kang, unable to sleep. The Strange the eight sister Shangguan Lady was pleased to fall asleep, mouth outflow ray of Xianshui. Smoked mosquito mugwort braved the nose of smoke. The soldiers on the windows candlelight lit up our windows, so we were able to see the scene of the yard Yingyingchaochao. Shangguan to brother the Trustee sent back the marine fish smell, fermented in the toilet, emitting a foul odor MBT Scarpe. She also brought back a large number of possessions, cloth satin, furniture, antiques, explosion brigade confiscated. The main room of the latch gently ring. "Who?" Mother Li He heard handy kitchen knife from the white picket fence Moqi. No trace of sound. We may listen to evil ears. The mother cut chopper back in place. The the mugwort smoked mosquito rope to the dark red short light flashes in the kang former underground.

    A lanky black shadow suddenly stood up before the kang. The mother screamed. Six sister screamed.

    That shadows flutter Shangkang the covered his mother's mouth. The mother struggling Moqi chopper was about to split, listen to that the shadows said: "Mother, I have come brother ...... my brother! ......"

    The mother hands knife falls Kangxi, big sister back! Sister kneeling on the kang, choked voice of escaping from her mouth. We are surprised to see her face blurred. I saw her face shiny things. "Come on brother ... Big Man ... you really do? Are you a ghost? Your ghost mother is also not afraid, let your mother a good look at you ..." mother's hand groping white picket fence in search of Yang Huo. 




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