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Interesting Things to Accomplish Visiting Ft. Lauderdale

 Interesting Things to Accomplish Visiting Ft. Lauderdale

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Feb 20, 2013 Jons Linda write:

With in excess of ten million tourists a year visiting Ft. Lauderdale over the past few years, this city of 160000 inhabitants has become an important hotbed of tourism.  This did not start until the well-known Florida real estate boom of the 1920s, which had been cut short with the Great Depression of the 30s and then with the Second World War.  However between the 1950 and 1960 census the town grew by approximately 230%, and has been trending upward ever since.  Here we are going to discuss three of the most important components that make this region so trendy, followed by a few of the things to do in Ft. Lauderdale.

1.Local weather.  Although located just north of the tropical zone, it features a hot rainforest environment with little seasonal variation in temperature.  Summers remain sweltering and humid, and winters are temperate and as a rule dry.  Although there is plenty of rain, it usually takes place in heavy afternoon thunderstorms.  Put another way, it generally comes then goes promptly.

2.Location.  This I believe is one of the area's major attractions.  The Atlantic Ocean as well as great beaches towards the east, the Everglades to the west, a large metro area (Miami) to the south a half hour away, and north is Orlando and the countless things to try and do there in three hours.  It really is wonderfully located.

3.The Venice of America.  It is called this because of the intricate canal system.  Cruises and water taxis can be used to navigate the plush tropical foliage, beautiful mansions as well as beautiful scenery.  All through peak tourist season street traffic will get rather crowded; water taxi is a more relaxing, in addition to fun solution to getting around.  There are available alternatives that aren't expensive, and they operate such as the off-on tour buses you will find in other vacationer meccas.

The top pastime to do for a lot of people traveling to this area revolve around the beaches: the clear water along with white sand makes it an attraction for sun people.  To get to them you have to cross the causeway to Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, the center with the area's 23 miles of sandy beaches. Traversing the Intracoastal Waterway, which is spanned with drawbridges, during busy occasions can create delays which can get fairly lengthy.

A different interesting place to visit will be Everglade's National Park, less than 90 minutes from Ft. Lauderdale.  This is one of the most unusual parks in America, and it in addition goes with the name "river of grass".  It will be well worth a side excursion when you visit this region.

There are several other things to look at; however an area that can be extremely remarkable is Las Olas Boulevard.  It can be described as a collection of 65 shops, a lot of them unique, two world class museums, ten art galleries, in addition to numerous dining options. It is a city we always revisit when visiting Ft. Lauderdale.


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