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In front of us, is a row of simple houses with wooden ride up

   In front of us, is a row of simple houses with wooden ride up

In front of us, is a row of simple houses with wooden ride up. The top of the wall of the house and the house are painted a glaring white with lime. To tin chimney protruding from the wall, braved clouds of black smoke, the smoke up into the air, with the wind blowing to us, Swaying changing morphology MBT UK. From time to time there are some loose hair, bare with snow-white breasts, lips scarlet, bleary-eyed prostitute from the board room to run out, or hold the basin, or carrying buckets to an open-air of the well to fetch water. Inoue a pestering rope windlass, the wellhead Breath meager heat. Their weak white hands shaking bulky hauler, issued the creak shilly the Kuse sound of the rope on the windlass. Thick and large casks exposed wellhead, they stretched out wearing clogs the feet gently hook, they put a smooth bucket resting on well on stage. The knot well on stage with a thick layer of ice, frozen into the the bread shape or nipple shape. Woman carrying water ran to and fro. Those clogs the foot of the woman carrying water ran clear and ringing them with cold chest cold breast Fasan Zhao sulfur atmosphere Cheap MBT Shoes. I looked over the shoulders of the mother, far away watching the strange woman, but see a breast flying blinding, like a poppy bud, butterfly valley. They also attract the attention of my sisters.

    I hear Sister quietly asked the mother what the mother did not answer.

    We stood in a wide, thick walls in front, it covered northwest wind for us, so that we are in a relatively warm environment. We left and right sides, Huddled with us equally pale and thin, shivering in the same, the same cold and hunger. A man and a woman. Women and children. The men all the hoary old man as dead wood rot strains, mostly blind, not blind the eyes swelling and ulceration. Their side, standing or squatting a child, boy or girl. In fact, very difficult to distinguish between boys and girls, we all like out drilled from the chimney, coal child. We are stuck in the back of the neck grass MBT Shoes, mostly aspartate lug yellow leaves, reminiscent of the fall, think of the horse chewing aspartate in the dark when the aroma and the horses and the people are pleasant sound.

    Some weeds stuck casually pull from where the dog's tail Artemisia, donkey tail grass. Women mostly like a mother around surrounded by a group of children, but not as good as the children of their mother. Woman around the kids all stuck in the grass, some stuck in the grass. Most of aspartate, yellow leaves, spread the aroma of autumn breath and millet. Children interpolation grass head, shaking the bulk of Malaysia big mule donkey heavy brass bell like big eyes, neat white teeth strong, lewd hypertrophy, raw scratchy bristles lips, white teeth in these lips sparkle. I do not know casually from where to pull the weeds, dog tail grass, donkey tail Artemisia. Only one dressed in white, head of the Department of bald rope, pale, eye sockets and lips bruising woman is an exception to her no children. Her alone standing on the foot of the wall, in his hand instead of a complete dog's tail grass foliage stuck in the back of his neck, despite the dry but it is still a beautiful Keti state, sound development Setaria. Its leaves remain green, despite being the withered green MBT Shoes UK, but still shows vigor. That lug hairy ears neck is so flexible and elastic. The hairy ears trembling in the sun, Jin Mao Cancan , just like in the the Gold dog's tail. My eyes long tree attracts the dog's tail grass, my heart a long time immersed in the beautiful dog's tail grass bleak mood, was surprised to see the dog's tail grass withered body, and in the cracks of those blades, Health some delicate and beautiful small nipple.

    The whiteboard room side of commotion, the woman shouting panning sharp blade, like cutting air and sunshine. The two women at the well edge tear. A red pants and a green pants, a. The face of the woman in green pants woman grabbed a handful of red pants. The green pants woman facing red pants woman's chest stabbed punch. Then both a few steps back on the TV for a minute. Can not see their eyes, but I basically equal to see their eyes. I somehow think they both eyes Shangguan with my big sister to brother and sister the Shangguan recruit younger brother's eyes. Suddenly they rushed generally attracted to each other like two cockfighting. Their bodies like a dog running in the mature Catcher in the ups and downs. The arm waving dashing breast, spittle beetle like a bunch of the N group. The red pants woman Chezhu woman's hair in green pants, the green pants the woman counterassaulted also Chezhu woman's hair red pants. The red pants woman Homeopathic bite bow on the the woman left shoulder of green pants, green pants the woman almost simultaneously bite in red pants woman's left shoulder. They were both well-matched, evenly matched, and turn in well on stage. Those of another woman, leaning on the door smoking a cigarette daze, the squat stone brushing rinse foaming at the mouth, patting slap laughed wire drying barreled transparent socks. In the board room in front of a circular piece of boulder stood a trim body MBT Scarpe, wearing dazzling black riding boots and carrying a root cane left split, the whiz bang Wind rang; Right split whiz bang wind rang . His cane as a knife, drill broadsword. A group of men, a few make strong stomach dwarf dozen lanky stomach surrounded, come out from the southwest side of a banner, shy belly laughter with quack chicken cry: quack, quack , Ga - Ga, Ga, Ga, friends - this strange laughter often echoed in my ears, I recalled the scene at the well. Shy belly men and their entourage came up against the board room, the the quack chicken sounds more and more clear.




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