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husband and Youtouhuanao of Fan wants to go to the delivery room to watch his naked body

 Is father-in-law, husband and Youtouhuanao of Fan wants to go to the delivery room to watch his naked body? She felt anger, shame, something immediate floating clumps of cottony cloud. She tried to sit up, looking for pieces of clothing to cover body stuck in the blood of the mud, did not move. Outside the village came rumbling loud. The gap where loud noise is a mysterious and familiar noise, like countless small mammals crawling as numerous teeth chewing ... What is that sound so familiar it? Her hard about the head, there is a bright spot in mortal flash, quickly turned into a bright light shining on more than a dozen years ago that King locust plague scenario: dark the red locusts Zhetianbiri flood coming, they grazed bare of all foliage, willow leather are grazed bare; locusts bite everything terrible sound, penetrate into human bone marrow. Locusts again, she thought in terror, sinking into the pit of despair. MBT Chapa Shoes

    God, ah, let me go die, I've had enough ... God ah, the Virgin, ah, your sun and rain under the cloth, save my soul ... her hopeful in despair to pray and remembered pray the Chinese supremacy of God and the Western supremacy of God, the suffering of the mind and body seemed to slow down a lot. Think of her red hair and blue eyes, like my dear friend's fatherly Maloja pastor, in the spring grass, he said China's days of lords and Western God is the same God, like a hand slap, Lotus and lotus. Like - she was ashamed to think - like Cock and birds. Locust tree forest in early summer, he stood high bulging manly thing ... round and round clusters of heavy Sophorae colorful flying floral charming spirit-like wine. She felt in Gone with the Wind, Just like a cloud, like a hair. Looked at her infinite gratitude the Maloja solemn and sacred, and Goodwill kind and smiling face, tears welled up in her eye socket. MBT Fora Shoes

    She closed her eyes, tears flowed along the eye wrinkles on both sides of the ears. The door was open, and the mother whispered under voice said: "brother of her mother, this is how you? My child, you have to hold family Heilv, gave birth to a frisky mule foal If you put the child was born, we Shangguan home content. child, hiding the father and mother can not conceal doctor, midwife both men and women, I'm Your Fan uncle invited ...... MBT Sale

    The mother some rare tenderness discourse, touched her heart. She opened her eyes, golden face against the mother-in-law, nodded her head slightly. Mother-in-law foreign houses beckoned, said: "The youngest, come on."

    The Youtouhuanao Fan-three, with a straight face, it seems fake look solemn look. The his eyes evasive, that seemed to see something terrible scenarios like, his face suddenly lost the Scarlet. "Tai Saozi ......" three heads bowed Fan said, "You spare spare me, kill a Fan 3 Fan three not do this errand." He said, while backwards, frightened eyes of a fall on Shangguan The Roots who would dramatically tripped. Exit door, he is outside facing the indoor head out to explore the brain Shangguan Shou hi collided. She caught a glimpse of the husband taper face and mice expression of disgust. Her mother rushed out to catch up with Fan three she heard her mother shouting: "Fan three, your dog day!" 

    The probe again come the moment taking advantage of her husband, she strove with all the strength to lift his arm, he waved the drill out of a cold word from his mouth - she suspected that this sentence is not said to myself - Son of a bitch, you come! - Her husband, had to hate no grudges extent, why call him? MBT Karibu Shoes

    Calling him a "son of a bitch" and actually scolded the mother-in-law, mother-in-law is a dog, an old dog ... old dog old dog slow growl Ziya give you a dig ash Pa ... 20 years ago in large aunt's house parasitic heard that old story about the silly son-in-law and mother-in-law welled floating on my mind: that is rainy and hot years, just the development of high-density Northeast Township, sparsely populated, large aunt's house is the earliest immigrants, big uncle body tall , sent the nickname "big slap in the face", he's big slap in the face clenched up, two horseshoe-like fist, punch Down with a big mule. He is a gambler, hands stained with a layer of green patina ...... threshing floor home in Sima library, anti-foot-binding General Assembly convened on Shangguan Lu fancy ... you call me? She saw Shangguan sukiyaki standing the kang before the eyes looking at the windows, looking embarrassed expression, you call me losers ... she does not look at this with their own lives a 25 year man without mercy, and my heart suddenly filled with guilt. The Huaihua marine winds and waves of emotion ... the sound of her with a fine like a hair Sier said: "This child ... is not you ..." the Shangguan sukiyaki cried Lie Lie to say: "child her mother ... ... You can not be dead .... I'll go is Sun Aunt ... " MBT Nafasi Shoes

    "No ..." she looked imploringly at her husband and said, "you Pastor Ma called ......"

    The yard, Shangguan Lu endured flesh-like pain, from the arms to work out an oil wrap children, layers of paper ripped, showing an Ocean money. She holds all the oceans, two mouth horribly bowed, the two eyeball is red, the sun shining on her graying hair. A Unit of black smoke drifting over from nowhere, the air is red hot, and the dragon river to the north, a noisy clamor shot fly from the mid-air whizzing past. She almost cried and said: "Fan 3, do not you can do nothing about them? Barbara 'poison However Hornets needle ruthless But Lang Center', as the saying goes 'Money talks', Fan 3, which block the ocean close to my flesh put twenty years, for you to buy my daughter a life! " MBT Chapa Shoes

    She photographed the Ocean Fan three hands. Fan three suddenly throw away the piece of the ocean, like Shangguan Lu photographed in his hand is a red-hot iron. His face slippery, oozing layer of oil Khan, two cheek twitched, pulling facial Norway bit. He shouldered the rucksack, shouted: "Da Saozi, put me go ... I knelt down and bowed to you ..." 

    Fan three have not went to the the Shangguan front door, on the the Shangguan Fluke for Guangzhebangzi ran in.. Left his feet a shoes, emaciated chest, painted green, axle oil dirt, like a huge rotting wound. Where have you been? Old fool, Shangguan Lu angrily cursing. MBT Shoes UK

    Big Brother, outside the losers? Fan three anxiously asked him. He ignored Lu's curse, not A Fan questioning look obsessed grinning issue too da da mouth sound like a flock of chickens in an emergency peck earthen pot.

    Shangguan Lu pinch the husband's chin up and down push pulled his mouth suddenly cross the long suddenly vertical long. Flow out of the white, hold the spit from his mouth. He Hanghang cough, spitting, finally calmed down. His father, outside the how to? He looked sadly at his wife, a crooked mouth, and cried: "Japanese Colts, after embankments ......" Moncler Jacken

    Dull hoofs came yard froze. The group of dragging a white tail feathers gray magpie Cha Cha screaming from the yard above the fly past. Flower glass on the church tower silent rupture, glittering shards of glass. In the flowers Glass fragmented, loud crisp sound of the explosion was sounded on the tower, an explosion of sound waves like a heavy, the creaking iron wheels grinding roll in all directions in the past. A great blast flutter over Fan III and Shangguan Fluke Valley sub as lodging in the ground. Lu back again and again, back against the wall. Rolling down a Louhua black pottery chimney from the eaves fall her eyes brick Yonglu, snapped twitter cry, into a pile of rubble. MBT Scarpe

    Shangguan sukiyaki came out from the house, cried: "Mother! She was going to die, she was going to die, to please Sun Aunt ..."

    Lu seriously staring at his son, said: "The people want to damn, get to be dead; anyone else damn, how significant will not die!"

    Yard men Sidongfeidong listening to her preaching, with tearful eyes staring at her face.

    She said: Fan 3, as well as the kind of family gave birth to drug it? Irrigation gave my daughter-in-law on the bottle, do not leave it. "Finished speaking, do not wait for Fan answer, she nobody see, head held high, Tingzhuo Xiong, quivering walked toward the front door.




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