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Hungarian players will be propped up Liu Xiang: to see him down my brain blank

  Hungarian players will be propped up Liu Xiang: to see him down my brain blank

Liu Xiang fell that moment, the Hungarian athletes still beside him run Buggy - Bala Saass mind a blank, finished the race, he immediately ran over to the arm of his boyhood idol, but this sudden all the Bassetstill do not react until the end of the game.

 2012.08.08 liuxiang Saw him lying on the ground, my mind went blank, "Basset said," He is one of the world's best hurdler, when I was a kid, I watched him break the world record to get the gold medal in Athens,he will be regarded as his idol, and witnessed all of this occurred is really unfortunate MBT sale. "Basset was born on June 3, 1989, when he began to learn the hurdles, Liu Xiang has been very loud in his minda name.
In the end, Buggy 76 to 13 seconds to score to finish the race, he went to Liu Xiang arm around the latter to the locker room, the scene camera records it all, and he revealed that their own was the face of Liu Xiang not know what to say what the interview is still can not believe this is true: "I did not know what to say to him, I feel that they can not say what, I think the reasons this is not the runway, watching the he fell down, I also feel very sorry, but this is the Olympics, what can happen, I can only hope he can get better sooner. "

Liu Xiang limp arm, by two players, he has bounced an end. Then the leading scorer of the staff he sat in a wheelchair, looked bleak.

He waved his hand, holding his ankle, his head all over MBT sale.
For Liu Xiang, it is the first time he fell in the game, In fact, from the slow-motion playback of view, Liu Xiang, when trying to cross the first column will show a grim expression. See the injury really brought him great torture, then is the screen approximation tragic scene, Liu Xiang, the first column stumble, so bid farewell to tragic.
He struggled up, hobbled down near to the end point. This time he is, after all you want to finish the race, and even opponents visibly moved after Liu Xiang bounced the end of a player to go over, raised his hand to indicate "you are a winner. Subsequently, the two players either side of the channel toward players hobble around Liu Xiang.
Already waiting in a wheelchair, because Liu Xiang has been unable to walk independently, this injury, perhaps even more serious than the injury time of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Liu Xiang, suffering even more MBT trainers. Four years ago in Beijing, Liu Xiang is still able to walk into the players channel; London four years later, Liu Xiang only by wheelchair to leave ...

 Leg skip to the end of fall get back up again, hugging his opponent, kiss hurdle, and then leave ... Liu Xiang left us one back. That the eye-not too much, in this morning, hundreds of millions of pairs of eyes watching the London Olympic Games 110 meters hurdles preliminaries stadium. Xiang trapeze appearance in the sixth group, which is his first shot of the London Olympics, before him, his teammate Shi Dongpeng (microblogging Introduction) out, Xie Wenjun (microblogging Introduction) promotion MBT trainers.
The last practice before the gunshots ringing, select Liu Xiang, the hurdler, the state could see that he is still very good. The scene of the lens at the Liu Xiang, he seemed very calm. Subsequently, Liu Xiang, changing clothes, he took the clothes to cover the nod.
The site introduces Liu Xiang, the host shouted "liu --- xiang", the the trapeze expression is still very quiet, no excitement, no pain, no tension, no excitement. It seems that all the injuries, rumors out of the race has nothing to do with him MBT UK, all the guess will get the results after the gunshots ringing.
The contest will start soon, London bowl almost full house. Many Chinese viewers to God willing, everyone shouting, "Liu Xiang, refueling. Liu Xiang living in the four dressed in red wear red T-shirt, red shorts, red running shoes. When to introduce him, Liu Xiang, raise their hands and then close my eyes, it seems that recited the prayer for something. On the runway, ready, shots rang out ... Liu Xiang's a good start, his every effort to all written on the face MBT UK.
Suddenly, unexpectedly, in his first touch to the first hurdle, the left foot's toes kicked hurdle, Liu Xiang fell, he was almost in a circle rolling on the runway ... It is almost cruel the scene, with the scene exclaimed, champion of the 2004 Athens Olympics, experienced 29-year-old Xiang trapeze 08 out of the race storm at this moment have been eliminated, while the rest of the players, has long been maneuvering toward the finish line.
Prepared for four years, this year, the best score of 12 seconds 87 (June 3, Liu Xiang had ran out of the results of the 12 seconds 87 stations in the United States Eugene, however, because the game when the wind speed up to 2 meters per second wind, beyond the normal wind speed, this result has not been admitted equaling the world record), Xiang trapeze down in the first column, he sat on the ground, hands stroking paste bandage ankle cheap MBT Shoes, then he struggled to stand up and hop to the finish ...
A red red on the runway, Liu Xiang, in the tens of thousands of spectators watched, limped dance through a distance of 110 meters, he received the applause of the audience ... Many opponents have stepped forward to arm him, hug him, Liu Xiang, and then return to the track, kissing hurdle, shoulders bear the 1.3 billion people dream of man, his eyes filled with the attachment to this stadium.
Subsequently, Liu Xiang in wheelchairs launch of the arena, leaving a grief of all back, the audience burst into applause long and can not quell ...




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