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Her mother-in-law Shangguan Lu wore a blue satin cotton jacket

 Winter is approaching, the mother, her mother-in-law Shangguan Lu wore a blue satin cotton jacket. This cotton jacket this is Shangguan Lu 60-year-old birthday please the old woman of the village four children and many grandchildren to help sew shroud, and now has become the mother's winter coat. Mother in his breast coat facing both breasts at the cut out two round hole the breasts uncovered this, so that I can enjoy at any time. Autumn makes me angry, the mother's breasts ravaged the Maloja priest jumped to his death, but the disaster will pass real breasts forever destroyed not forever young, like some people, they like big pine lush. Order to cover people's eyes cheap MBT Shoes, and even more to prevent wind intrusion milk to maintain a certain temperature, the mother in cotton round hole at the top seam on two pieces of red cloth, she creatively to breast hang a red curtain. The creation of the mother become a tradition, this breastfeeding clothes, are still large bar City epidemic, but that round hole open more, the curtain texture is softer, and embroidered with colorful flowers.

Thick cotton pocket sewn into my wintering clothing is a little resistant tear resistant kick canvas bag with the strap fastened bags waist stitched two strong loop with a bundle in her mother's breasts , the mother breastfeeding for me to tighten the abdominal muscles, a turn of the bag, I went to her chest. Bag, change standing to kneeling position, my head is Qi forward to her chest, I head to the right a crooked, it grabs her left nipple; I head to the left of a crooked, it grabs her right nipples. This is truly the best of both worlds; these cotton pocket inadequate: it tied my hands, so I'm not like my habit, mouth dangling from a hand guard guarding another nipple nipple. Eight sister sucking rights I completely deprived of MBT Shoes, as long as she was close to the mother's breast, I would cling kicked it too blind girl crying constantly. She is now living by porridge. Extremely dissatisfied with this sisters.

In the long winter, my nurse process panicky mood enveloped my spirit has been incorporated into the nipple on the right side of my mouth is gripped by the left nipple;, I always feel that there will be a furry hand suddenly reached into a round hole, the bird temporarily idle breasts pulling walk. Under the domination of this anxiety, I frequently replace with nipple suck out the juice, loaded with the left side of this, once they go to the right, on the right just open the gate and darted mouth to the left. The mother looked at me bewildered, see the I eat left looking right eye, and she immediately discern my mind. She kissed my face with cold dense lips, said to me quietly: Golden Boy, my darling child, the mother's milk only give you one person to eat, who also can not to go. Mother then relieve my anxiety, but I'm not completely put a heart, because I think those long hairs hand on the mother's side waiting for the opportunity.

Under the snow that morning, the mother put her breastfeeding clothing, carrying my shrink in warm water hyacinth in command of my sisters and handling to the cellar with the Redskins big carrot. I do not care about the radish from where, only concerned about the shape of the radish, pointy head and suddenly inflated from the roots Moncler Jacken, reminds me of the breast. Since then, in addition to the shiny blinking Magic Gourd, in addition to the smooth white pigeons, added a red radish, they each have their own color, demeanor, temperature, and breast are similar, are different seasons, different the symbols of the mood of the breast.

Sky the clear burst overcast while, a small snow drift stop burst burst. Sisters wearing thin clothes, the Joseph Suzhaobozai chilly north wind. Sister responsible for picking radishes, sister and Third Sister is responsible to the basket lift basket of radish, radish, six sister and Seven Sisters act independently Sister and sister squatted cellar stocked. The eight sister does not have the ability to work, a man sitting on the kang meditation. The six sister each time the four radish, radish heap to the cellar mouth. The seven sister each time the the the two radish, radish heap to the cellar mouth. Mother carrying my visits back and forth between the cellar and radish heap, release orders, criticized various error to express all kinds of emotion. The mother of all commands, all in order to improve the progress of work. Mother of all criticism, all in order to improve the working methods to protect the health of the radish are, so they are safe wintering. The mother of all emotion in expression of a central idea: life is hard, must have worked incredibly hard to get through the winter MBT Scarpe. All the commands of the mother, the sisters take a negative attitude. All criticism of the mother and sisters to take the attitude of discontent. All the emotion, the mother and sisters to take the attitude of numbness. I still could not understand, in my yard, why the sudden appearance of so many radish; I later came to understand, the mother in that winter, why should the storage then Duoluo Bo.

Handling work is coming to an end, the ground also keep a dozen irregular shape, like radishes deformity breast. Mother knelt down in the cellar mouth, bent down, extending the long arm of the cellar Shangguan would like brother and the Shangguan hope brother pulled. In this process, I have two tilted upside down, from the mother's armpits years to see the small snowflake fluttering triumphantly the indifferent pale sunshine. Finally, the mother lifting a broken water urn - urn filled with broken the batt and millet shell - round mouth blocked cellar http://www.mbtshoesuka.co.uk/. The sisters lined word formation, against the wall standing under the eaves, as if waiting for the new command Huo. Mother once again sent with emotion: "Let me what do you coat it?" The Third Sister SHANGGUAN collar brother said: "with a cotton cloth." Mother Road: "This I say with you? Money Where to get so much money. "sister the Shangguan strokes brother some dissatisfaction:" black shit and a small mule sold it. "mother tell off Road: to sold Heilv and mules in spring next year, what farming ? " 




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