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Fan three drunken murmured dissatisfaction with the into the Shangguan front door

  Fan three drunken murmured dissatisfaction with the into the Shangguan front door
    "The Japanese coming, your ass will really pick hour how should I say, your ass, my stallion Day, who started the trouble had to end it. Shangguan sukiyaki your face small wow, fart, what face? I all looked at the face of your mother, your mother told me ... haha ​​... she called me Chema hoof shovel ...... "MBT UK
    Shangguan sukiyaki look of sweat, with a mouthful of nonsense Fan behind.
    "Fan!" Shangguan Lu shouted out, "You bastard, God be difficult to please ah!"
    Fan three Dousoujingshen, said: "Fan three to!"MBT Fora Shoes White
    See lying on the ground, dying producing donkey, he went half tipsy feeling. "Oh, are into this look like why early does not call me?" He's leather shopping bag dropped shoulders, bent down to touch donkey ears, pat donkey belly, they go to the donkey, tugged piece from production Daoli mule legs stretched out of. He straightened up, shaking his head in frustration, said: "late, over your son last year, led by donkeys to breeding, I said to him, your head grasshopper donkey, it is best to use a donkey with, he did not listen I advise, insisted the horse with my horse big stallion, full of purebred Japan horse, a horseshoe, greater than your donkey head my stallion I Kuashang Qu. your donkeys paralyzed, is simply big cock step sparrow is my stallion tuned well, your eyes closed date grasshopper donkey, if for others horse, Well, how was that? dystocia right? students mule's ass is not your home the ass, your ass only raw donkey, raw grasshopper donkey ... "
    "Fan III!" Shangguan Lu interrupted him and said angrily MBT Mens Shoes, "You still have to finish no?"
    "Is over, finished." He grabbed the leather shopping bag, picked on the shoulders recovery drunkenness, crooked, want to go out.
    Shangguan Lu laid hold of his arm, said: "The youngest, so go?"
    The Fan 3 sneered: "old sister-in-law, did not hear the crying Fu Sheng Tang dispensers? Villagers gallop light, donkey matter or I matter?"
    Shangguan Lu said: "The youngest, afraid I owe you is not it? Lianghu wine a fat pig head, not be unfair to you, this house, I call the shots."
    Fan three look at Shangguan father and son, smiled and said: "I know you are a blacksmith home palm pliers, bare backbone whirl sledgehammer old bitch, you a that vigor child ..." his grotesque laugh.
    Shangguan Lu beat his palm, said: "put your mother's bashfulness, do not go, how two lives, the Stallions your children, this donkey is your daughter-in-law, stomach, small mule is your grandson. come up with your real ability to live a thank you and reward you; dead, do not blame you, blame me the Fubao Tam on MBT Shoes Sale. "
    Fan three difficult to say: "You gave me recognize the donkey horse's relatives also told me to say? Try dead donkey as a live donkey Medical."
    "It's Third, do not listen to the the Sima family madman Hu Qin, the Japanese doing here? Say your good deeds. Ghosts all around good man go." Shangguan Lu Shi said.
    Fan three untied leather shopping bag, took out a bottle of green things, said: "This is my house the traditional remedy dubbed the magic pill, this drug tyranny livestock the startle vertical production, irrigation, renewable down, the Monkey King to have no governance the menfolk, "
    He greeted Shangguan sukiyaki, "a hand over to help."
    Shangguan Lu said: "I'll help you, he clumsy."
    Fan three: "Shangguan family hen crowing roosters do not lay eggs."
    The Shangguan Fluke Road: "The third brother, scolded straight scolded, do not beat around the bush."
    Fan three: "angry?"
    Shangguan Lu said: "Do not to molar friends, said how significantly Lane?"
    Fan three: "donkey head to move up, I'm going to give it to drench!"
    Shangguan Lu straddled Biezu Jin MBT Shoes UK, holding the donkey neck, the donkey head up. Donkey head swing, the donkey nostrils spews coarse.
    "Raise a little!" Fan three cried.
    Shangguan Lu exert oneself, nostrils Cuqi.
    Fan three dissatisfaction: "You Yeliang is dead it?"
    Shangguan and his son came to help, almost stepping on the donkey legs. Lu rolling his eyes. Fan three shook his head. Finally donkey head held high. The donkey turned over lip hypertrophy, and showed a tusk. Fan three funnel inserted into a horn ground donkey mouth bottle of green liquid filling inside.
    Shangguan Lu breaths.
    Fan three pulled out his pipe, mounted pot smoke, squat, paddled Yang Huo, cigarette lighter, a deep bite ejected two White smoke from his nostrils. He said: "The Japanese accounted for the county, Zhang Wei Han Magistrate kill, Zhang Wei Han Magistrate family rape."
    Shangguan Lu asked: "Sima the family out of the news?"
    Fan three: "it is not, is my sworn brother said, he lives in the county outside the east gate."MBT M.Walk Shoes Purple
    Shangguan Lu said: "ten road did not really believe children."
    The Shangguan sukiyaki said: "Sima library with retainers to bridge cloth flames MBT Womens Shoes, to see gentile not false."
    Shangguan Lu angrily at her son and said: "is the eight one also can not hear, you a fall to no less than dishonest. Shame, as a man, father of a large group of children, you neck lug pieces of gourd head? you do not think about it, the Japanese are not father born son of Wu Chou with Zan these people? they no grudges, how to we? run even faster can beat shot? possession, possession of to day is one Boss? "
    In her lesson, and Shangguan Sons head down, afraid spoke. Fan three Kediao where the gray Yanguo, mockery dry cough few times, said: old sister-in-law vision to see things thoroughly you say this, a lot of my heart at ease., Where to run? possession where to? run and Tibet, can I horse large Jiaolv of horse stallion, like mountains, how Tibet is maintained? escaped moon become obvious to go about it your mother, whether it toss them out, we first small mule to say. "
    Shangguan Lu pleased to say: "That's right!"cheap MBT Shoes
    Fan three took off his gown, tight belt, cleared his throat, like martial upcoming stage contest. Shangguan Lu satisfaction nodding his head, his mouth nagging: "That; That's right, the youngest people over the unnamed, Yanguoliusheng Next mule, and I will give you a bottle wine, pounding the drums and gongs to your fame to go. "
    Fan three: "are nonsense, old sister-in-law, who let your ass With my species? Called packets kinds of packets received a package in the end." He walked around the donkey turn in a circle, Cheche that small mule legs, muttered: "donkey relatives, which is a gate of hell, you can also bet on the tone Sanye my long face." He patted the head of an ass, and said, "man, looking for the rope, find a thick stick, lift it, so lying is born not out of it standing. "
    Shangguan father and son looking at Shangguan Lu.
    Shangguan Lu said: "Chiu do you Sanye said.
    Shangguan and his son brought a rope and a thick stick. Fan three took the rope from the donkey's front legs after go through a knot on top, with a hand and said: "wear thick stick come."
    Shangguan Fluke thick stick the wear into Shengkou.
    "You to go over there." Fan the three command SHANGGUAN sukiyaki.
    Fan three said: "Gongyao the thick stick on the shoulder!"
    Shangguan father and son facing surface, hunched, the thick stick pressure in the shoulder.
    "Well," said Fan three, "Do not worry, I will let you since you got up to nurse awkward I make out, the success or failure on this all of a sudden this donkey, can not stand the racket MBT Shoes. Da Saozi you to donkeys to help me collusion with, do not small livestock or bad. "
    He go to the donkey, Cuocuo Shou palm, reach for soybean oil mill table lamps, an oil poured on the palm of your hand, rub evenly breathed. He then ventured the donkey slipped a hand into the birth canal, donkey hoof strum. His arm stretched his neck close to the bird purple mule hooves. Shangguan Lu does not turn eyes staring at him, lips soso tremors.
    "Well," Fan three urns sound urn gas to say, "man, I shouted one hundred twenty-three, shouting three o'clock fierce vigor since, not cowards, terrible moment of collapse of the waist. Well," his chin almost touch the donkey Ding, deep hang hands deep into his donkey's production seems to seize anything, "One - two - three na!"
    Shangguan Sons ho Hi roar, showing a rare masculine, suddenly straightened through this awkward, Heilv body tilt, two forelegs recover, neck and lifted, the hind legs tilt over, curled flexor in the body moncler Jacken. Fan three body with the donkey transfer, almost lying on the ground. Can not see his face, only to hear him shouting: "since you played!"
    Shangguan father and son stood on tiptoe, Meng Wang earned. Shangguan Lu drill donkey hypogastric belly back braved donkey; donkey roaring loudly, stood up. At the same time, a huge naked stuff, along with blood and sticky liquid out of the birth canal drilled from donkey first landed the Fan's arms, and then fall to the ground.
    Fan three pulled out a small mule horse's mouth of mucus and cut the umbilical cord with a knife, pull a pimple, put it on hold to clean the place. Discuss a dry cloth, wiping his body it mucus. Shangguan Lu tears in his eyes and his mouth talking about: "Thankfully Xie Fan three Thankfully Xie Fan three ..."
    Small mule horse shook unsteadily stood up, then fell. Its hair smooth as silk, lips purple, like a rose petal. Fan three propped it said: "really is my kind of horse is my child MBT Scarpe, the little guy, you are my grandson, I am your grandfather old sister-in-law, boil some rice soup, feed me donkey daughter-in-law, it is picking up a life. " 




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