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Exciting theater to become a reality

   Exciting theater to become a reality

If this closeted mother and her aunt, impossible for me to be able to walk in seven months, the mother can not be in the mood took us to the street lanterns, as we only had a dull Lantern Festival as my family history may not be so. Avenue Master, but seem to be some unfamiliar faces. Filled with an atmosphere of stability and unity among people. Many children carrying the gold mouse droppings drops sparks and pops Pili miles crevices people drill to drill MBT Shoes UK. We stopped in front of Fussa Church, watch the door on both sides of the two mammoth lanterns. The yellow lantern ambiguous mapping look a gold plaque hanging in the door on his forehead.

    Fussa Church gate was opened, deep courtyard was lit, outgoing waves the hubbub. Large gathered outside with a lot of people, sleeves proceed, stood quietly, like waiting for something. The Third Sister the Shangguan collar brother talkative ask people around: "Uncle, here to soup kitchens it?" The man shook his head and noncommittal. Behind a humane: "girl, Laba only soup kitchen." Third Sister go back to ask: "no soup kitchens in doing here?" That humanity: "To play civilization play it, I heard that the actors moved from Jinan House Cheap MBT Shoes. sister, but also a bit long-winded, mother pinched.

    Finally, Fusheng Hall courtyard out of four people, each hand holding a Gaogan the rod tip on the to lug four black iron guy the iron guy Breath blanch purpose flames, shines in front of bright if the day, not brighter than daylight. Not far away from Fussa Church compound tattered bell tower of the church on habitat the wild pigeons panic soar, flew over the cuckoo chirping in white, flew into the darkness. Someone in the crowd and called out loudly: the Gaslamp! "This is how we know the world soybean oil lamps, the foreign oil lamp, firefly lights outside, according to pain that distinguishes the human eye Gaslamp. Four took place in the black in front of Han Fu-Sheng Tang station into a square, like four dark pillars. Came out a few people inside the door, carrying rolled into a cylindrical reed mat, Za Za whistling to come to the middle of the four took place in the person specification treasure so awkward seats dropped, then untie beam seats rope MBT Shoes, reed I will have to start automatically. They hunched, grabbed the seat angle, fast moving black, hairy calf. Due to their footsteps too fast, the gas light is too strong, so that our eyes ghosting, so we agreed to see those who pulled the mats running, gave birth to more than four legs, the legs and the legs between drawing a transparent shiny cobweb-like things, due to the winding of these things, they run like cobweb on doing helpless struggling small beetle. Mats laid, they straightened up, facing the audience lit a phase.

    Their face, apply a Road, oil on canvas, like pieces of colorful fresh skins. Some like leopard skin, some like flowers deerskin, and some, like the lynx skin, some like stealing in the temple for fruit flower badger skin. Then they ran a two-step step back like jump up into the back door Fusheng Tang.

    Four Gaslamp the Chi Chi jet sound, we quietly waited the new reed mat are quietly wait. The four hold high the lamp pole black Han, becomes the four black stones. Luo Xiang burst shook themselves from the spirit, all eyes are directed to the door inside, and are trimmed with pearls blessing word white screen wall wall blocking. We are waiting as if the rest of my life, the Sima Pavilion - Fussa Church treasurer, the former mayor of a large bar in the town now remained president - Distressed field. He mentioned the TV drama to the battered gongs, as if reluctantly pounding the gong circling in a week. MBT Fumba Men Black Shoes Then stood on the grounds of the central front of us said: "Dear Xiangdang, uncle, aunt uncle Aunt Brother sister big brother big sisters, of I brothers Grilled Ironbridge hit won the battle, the good news spread in all directions, seven Regardless of eight aunt congratulations sent more than 20 awards so to celebrate a King victory, I have brothers invited the actors to a gang he will be on stage, to play a newly drama education Xiangdang Lantern Festival can not forget the heroic Anti-Japanese War, and never let the little devils accounted for my hometown. Sima kiosk is a Chinese man, never again when this maintain the president! Xiangdang are, we are Chinese, do not serve the Japanese gang son of a bitch. "

    Finish my learn a rhyme, he bowed to the audience, carrying a gong ran back with positive the division of Huqin come out from the door, flute hand, pipa Carpenter collided. The musicians are buttressed instrument carrying bench play.

    The musicians sitting the seats creak Ya Ya tunings side, blowing fife hand, two notes basis. The whereabouts of the high to the low up the screw. The music of the erhu, pipa, flute, unified together, woven into a uniform three strand rope, made up for some stopped, and waited. Then drummer, gong hand cymbals hand, cymbals, hand tucked home Shiti seat, sitting opposite the musicians to rattle rattle Qiqi chugging beat burst tsetse. Crisp monotonous small gong rang a few times, knocked a little snare drum, the music of the erhu and pipa flute gongs, weaving a rope, tied our legs so we can not go, bundled with our soul so that we can not think. Melody smell the sad desolation cool, sometimes humming toot Nongnong Han opera? High density the northeastern township Mau cavity, commonly known as "tied to his wife's pouting child MBT Scarpe, Shigeru cavity sung chaotic three cardinal guides and the five permanent members; a Mau cavity, to forget the Qindie biological mother. So along to the beat, the feet of the audience in the jitter, the lips of the audience in the flaring, our heart fibrillation. Like the arrow on the string, we wait to the last minute of the critical launch ... five, four, three, two, I heard Gao Qiang Gao Qiang at the end of hoarse rolled up, pull already high, punctured sky.




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