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Demon Prince in Give her a job 4

 Demon Prince in Give her a job 4

"You want what? Expression is very rich." Drinking sake, Su Yi's brow for a screw on one will open, as if their own within two guys in mind, is a life-and-death fight, suddenly you win suddenly I win the last time after drinking is also some nonsense cheap louboutin, it seems a new farce staged again.
"I think ... the man is generous than the woman, you see the waitress's tip is much more than we ah ... the woman next life reincarnation do good, when a man is tired and not making money ..."
"FUCK ... you can go when a woman tomorrow to find a hospital Kacha knife to get rid of it!" He went in front of him, looked for a long time, long is still a standard of beauty like beautiful big girl like simply fast bubbling, and how, after I have some encouraging, is not it more confidence to become a woman? "
He subconsciously touched his cheek, and touched the jeans zipper position, weak weak to ask, "will not hurt ...

"Try before we know it ..." Her grin on his face looking at him anyway, he will not drink too much really went to his lower body destroy.
Is a joke, a man covered in alcohol poured cheap christian louboutin shoes skew cross rushing, blocking his path. Men to wear decent, not what has a head figure at the very least is a rich kids, who exudes the the surge just vomiting odor, can not help but took a step back, staring at his next action alert Zhang Xiu.
"You repair?"
She nodded, instinctive arm Languo Su Yi, he blocked behind.
"How much?"
A sudden did not react, she looked somehow he threw the body is out to dig wallet, took out a stack of money and shook it over the in front of it, "ten thousand?"
"Sir, I am a man." The opening her cold voice refused Road so that the temperature of the cold winter nights suddenly reduce a few degrees.
"I know you are a man, I just love men! How! Twenty thousand!" Wallet can hold much money, ten thousand is the limit, he went from a gold card out of the wallet in her eyes shook.
Repair can not help but turn his eyes to the world how the how everywhere it was like the world to her announced he was gay! She continued patience and said, "Sir, I just the Zijin nightclub waiter, if you need special services, I can help you to contact our manager, he will arrange for you ..."
"50000!" He seems to heartless cheap christian louboutin generally auctioned continue upward called false groping is restless in her earlobe touched one.

Scum ...
Su Yi scarlet eyes suddenly a burst of the infinite hostility, an uppercut to the man severely hit the ground, he actually dared to touch upon Zhang repair ... thin his anger, such as the raging fire generally instant ignition, picked up his collar fiercely with a fist, fists bruising they hit man eyes and mouth, when he also punched, Zhang Xiu suddenly opening, "I have a price tag."
Clear light of a word, let the Su Yi stunned God, hold on the skirts the fingers of a man, looked at her a look of disbelief, what? She has a price tag? She would he announced that she can sell this!
Clear eyes swept an expression of his astonishment, they already know him now how ideas must be rushing to own two hand, eyes a turn, looked straight into the ground wretched men look uneven but unable to fight back, with a trace of contempt, the cold opening, "one hundred ... a million you have? doing business do this, first we talk about the rope, I see that you do not have so much money, so much money and are not christian louboutin pumps necessarily want to give So, our business, did not have to talk about it. "money scattered on the ground talking with their feet will gather around him, and then from 30 a few dollars out of the down jacket pocket change, and thrown into the front of men, "If you go to the hospital do not know your identity operator does not meet the requirements of their VIP, however, and then walk two blocks to the left side of the residents health medical station, 30 a few dollars is sufficient for you to buy two bottles of red syrup Zijin a package of anti-inflammatory drugs, remember not to buy imports. "
Su easy one breath, walked in front of her, facing the back of her head is a slap in the face, menacing Road is not its strength, "I make you scared sweating, too thriller minor repairs ..."
"Counseled" her light bared soon.
Man on earth sluggishly stood up, took out his cell phone and dialed a telephone, suddenly rushed out of a dozen black bodyguards nightclub, standing behind him, lined up to block their path.
Easy sweep one, he gets the cold hands of Zhang Xiu, "we go from there."




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