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Demon Prince do not too bad - 7

 Demon Prince do not too bad - 7

Hoon Cheng ceremony private villa, Cheng is for him to dress their wounds, has been a child, a little movement, this wound still oozing Xuezhu, with a special hemostatic agents had just stopped, Cheng the careful told, "Master, Your medicine must insist on eating the body is always good. "
"Well." Random go along, his brain is magically transported to the space, MBT sale filled full of all of repair money, sprinkling the air that stubborn handsome little face, white and clean, black and white eyes is purely to spotless. less of a man's hard gas, but not know the beauty of that delicate lips like drops of water tender, gently touch Bianxiang wave pushed to resist but trembling uvula, no perfume modification tender fresh taste, thin but soft body ...
Even think of her to write in the English-language books on the title page of the handsome font, bule bird can'see fly fish. Whipped the piece in English, a look at is the serious practice of the English font, weekends to the park to practice speaking, we can see must be a good student.
Why she write Bird can not see flying fish, if he did not remember correctly, Blue Bird and flying fish is a symbol of love, two animals, does he love? Who is the Blue Bird, who is flying fish? ......

"Master, dinner has been ready, please eat it." Chensao not know she interrupted his thoughts,MBT shoes clearance but respectful of doing a thing to do.
"Do not eat, you eat." Obviously he was not very happy at this time to disturb him cold with a face onto the second floor study.
Chensao and Cheng, as a glance, the young master to eat used to things, where they enjoyed each meal down at least are thousands of ingredients are the finest, rare tonic, which are designed to regulate his The physical preparation of their young master, was brought up with low immunity, eat a good complement good sport, have a lot of small time simply sick twice a week, once the disease three days, once the disease four days.

Back to the study, he took out a stack requires the approval of the file, cheap MBT Shoes got into the leather office chair, and began to read, but, looking at, these print characters all turned into a font of her delicate, shit from! He Dizhou cry, and how he started the boys obsessed with only one side of the edge! Not only sexual orientation, there is a problem, but also with a little pedophilia? Too long not touched a woman ...
Pick up the phone, the allocation of anonymous calls, "looking for a woman."
"Yes, sir." The master ordered the thing, they do servant, do not need to know the reason, only need to perform, but with the young master side for so many years, is also clear that what he was looking for a woman is positive and Like all noble people they Zheng Master is only interested in something clean, and is absolutely clean, so, all these years, he also touched a virgin.
Soon, Anonymous has brought a college student looking girls, MBT UK the price is naturally she willingly happy to do this.
Him to vodka, a cup of Bereginka lazy rely on into the European leather sofa, looked up and down a lot, the face is still beautiful.
Zheng Master ... "the girl the prettily shouted.
"Come." He sip a wine, a low voice called to her.
The girl went obediently to him, head bowed, after all, is the first time, even if the price is good, or very shy.
"Off." Short order, with irresistible force.
Blushing girls, one a take off their clothes, and last only an underwear, MBT Shoes UK or hesitated, but looked up and actually the previous Xun Zheng ceremony the eyes with a hint of anger, are not surprised, Is it too slow to take off, mess with Master Cheng upset ...
She quickly took off the last of only underwear, shy standing.




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