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Demon Prince - Give her a job 2.1

     Demon Prince - Give her a job 2.1

I saw her suddenly waved to the front of
Left pat - "lovemaking"
Right pat - "lovemaking"
Two small hand into a fist and put a matte finish on both sides of the cheek, feet on the ground gently stamp the stamp, Duqi cherry mouth, round eyes Gu sparkling, his face sprouting MBT sale like to Xiexieouba, through your credit card, I feel what big spenders, thrilled, thrilled! "
Twinkling of an eye, lay down their arms, straightened, restored to look frosty cold as if playing lovely people just sell Meng is simply not her, or simply that the illusion of his day.
Re-bring your own red wool scarf, dropped a cold, "take the time to remember to close." Disappeared in the doorway.
Left the ground Zheng Li Xun panic, his cheeks red as if made a high fever, the position of the large lay your hand upon the heart, and never has been found out that his heart can jump so powerful, violently if necessary to dislodge the chest unrest clamor, the whole person in the chest sluggish like soles rooting germination general, for a long time, slowly easing over.
Five card lost value!

Nightfall, Huadengchushang.
Zijin Road is located in the most prosperous MBT shoes uk areas of the central city, looked around the busy roads lined with towering office buildings and residential apartments as well as all the top hotel restaurants in the entire city, the most luxurious of all consumer sites all this, as if only sitting Zijin Street place, in order to be considered a true upper class and elegance.
And Zijin Road most extravagant of a building to be the number of Zijin nightclub, its luxury, not a highlight from the height, but it is atmospheric and mysterious design atmosphere, young talent from the world's top designers of Ouyang Promise of hand.
Overall shape as the sky palace, not a sharp modern design of the flow line, but classical CHEN Yun ancient Chinese palace architecture. Height of only 5 people on each floor the nine VIP rooms, the things Lianggong gathering hall, 5 percent downstairs to a total of ten Palace, a symbol of the Ninth of the statue, perfect, come here even more rich MBT shoes and noble non-commercial officer.
The intersection of the Purple glass top, the day can be reflected to the scene of the sky, clouds of white clouds or dark lightning, Xiu clouds shape parking golden glass exterior walls, clouds dragon carved the gold fences, within the scope of the entire building, from the air, as if The days of the house fell in the cloud.
Now luxurious glass and antique Chinese palace, not only without any disharmony, but there is a more heavy luxury gas.
The building itself is outside the body and set any lighting Xiangyun four weeks on the ground in sequence placed visual super Searchlight fired air, only by the light of bells and drums, they blink enough gold, Purple enchanting as if a new universe, about to erupt in the sky.
Su Yi and Zhang Xiu first standing in this magnificent building in front of shocked only left to sigh, to speak, its own small and humble, this wealth, and perhaps their lives can not be owned.
Night 8:00 into work on time. Slim black shirt, purple British vest, low-key luxury work clothes, accompanied by two perfect body proportions beautiful handsome face,MBT shoes sale many old daughter aristocratic and powerful woman, and even some men, but also all grovel in their pomegranate pants, honey dead in two Prince spent male beauty cordial greetings.
Zheng Li Xun said Zhang Xiu half joking, "Why do not I give you arrangements to the fifth floor of female service area, to sell a laughing, even bowing province, that time certainly takes a star signings would like."
Zhang Xiu disdain him, "how do you not abet me to go prostitute?"




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