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Daimon - protagonist debut

 Daimon - protagonist debut

After the late autumn, the weather has been gradually cooler, the street, the Korean words aimlessly to the city several years, he never seriously shopped, just like today, he is also aimlessly wandering around.

Was 26, he now still alone, is not he handsome long enough, nor is it because he has no money, and certainly not because of his bad character, but living in a special status,MBT shoes uk there has been no time and opportunity to good love.

That he has a girlfriend, or his 24-year-old, when he had just moved to this city shortly know a girl in operation at that time Korean words to save the girl's life.

Now the girls have some love fantasy, always dream of a Prince Charming, and Korean words just to meet such a requirement, she is dangerous, the heroic rescue the girl liked him, and he is also muddle feelings beginning, like a simple girl.

Has been five years, had they have been planning to get married, but a few days ago, the girl suddenly want to break up with him. The reason is simple, say Korean words did not have time to accompany her, she do not want a person to live later, can not tolerate such a lonely, nervous all day for him, but also because mbt shoes sale of their work, Han words are almost no time to take care of his girlfriend thing.

Here, we should mention the work of the Korean language,; speak up, his experience is also regarded as a legend, at least in the eyes of many people, his achievement is not an ordinary person can compare the on.

16-year-old soldier, 17-year-old was elected to the Special Forces, and certain provisions is less than the old, but it is also because of his young body potential need special training in order to excited, the military do not want MBT trainers to waste such a genius, granted the land he went. After two years, the special forces of life, and later in the war zone for a year, two years old, he is already old and not in the old veterans experience back home, in the work of the National Special Operations Group, specializing in The most difficult thing, twenty-two on the team with twenty-year-old bodyguard, served as the national leadership, now two years.

Because of this work, his own little, always obey MBT sale the arrangements of the country, as long as the top of any command, he must always be reported, five years, he has repeatedly leaving and his girlfriend dating to perform the task, because he is a good soldier.

"It's no wonder she's all my fault!" Han words smile shaking his head, "toot! Limousine rapid driving over Korean words but no perception. Seeing the Dodge was too late, the next person issued a gasp, Korean words shoved awakened, said at that moment, he saw the calf muscles tight a bend, tall body lightning jumped after Yi Deng MBT shoes body above.

Car sped past, and Korean words have been firmly side, next to the people breathed a sigh of relief, "good skill in such a fast speed, he should be able to react, but also direct skip the car, this is no ordinary person can do.

Already many times, Han words do not remember, "Vonnie, is that I do not have life, you should belong to the people to give you happiness!", Vonnie is to his girlfriend from breaking up the day began, like just this situation he has encountered a few times, and every time he went to the middle of the road are pondered.

Just a week ago, Vonnie he broke up with him somehow, even go to her own work aside, the results get news, Vonnie already left the city.

His identity and job, AWOL, this is a very serious error,MBT UK but the people he protected the Prime Minister, if the Prime Minister out of any accident, he could not possibly play from, even if he did something, but it is also organization committed extremely serious error, after the top of the decision, has been expelled from his military status, even his skill no matter how good, even if he had, how excellent, but the state does not require the AWOL soldier, but also who are charged with such an important responsibility now he can say is no cause of love. 



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