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Daimon - protagonist debut 2

 Daimon - protagonist debut 2

Life twenty-six years, ten years time are military career, now expelled from his military status, he did not know what they can do in the end. Organizational decision, Moncler Outlet he did not have any dissatisfaction, being a military man, he knew how serious their mistakes, served as Prime Minister bodyguards were doubtless picked and chose, but also a country of extreme confidence talents qualifications, he completely ignores discipline must dishonorably discharged in accordance with the provisions of the forces arranged for him, yet he does not have that mind, his ability, and are very popular wherever.

"Perhaps I should leave the city!" High Noon, the entire country's most central cities, and now Korean words not a little nostalgia, here is a sadly, "for several years did not go home, and later on in his hometown development it! '

Since leaving his hometown, within a decade, but in the middle probe twice a pro, "his father certainly I'm disappointed it!" The father of the Korean language, also a soldier, that he always proud of his son, and now they have been expelled dishonorably discharged, Think can know father be what expression moncler jackets women.

"Back to the hotel first to say, to pack the luggage coming home tomorrow." He has decided to do business at home after a good feed their families, ten years time, his wealth has millions like him, living mbt shoes uk in key positions, the salary is very high, all these years, he was just constantly know the inside of their bank card money to come in, in fact, he also did not have much time to spend money, so more and more money of his bank card, enough to home do a little business.

Slowly walk down the street, listening to the sound coming Avenue broadcast inside, "Tonight, there will be Millennium a rare case of Jiuxing Pente, such astronomical wonders, I hope you do not miss."

Jiuxing Pente? Korean words faint smile, he is now on what are not interested in is Deep Impact, he does not care, completely in his heart a bitter five-year period of time Moncler Sale, who can say he was not injured, who can say he willing, perhaps he has been no more time with her, but she did tell themselves and others, she has engaged, getting married soon.

Night has deep, people on the street gradually less the Korean words no car, just a random walk, going to his hotel, Think Tonight estimated would insomnia.

"SOS!" Suddenly, a scream came almost the first time, the Korean words are on the move up, which is the years of his professional habits, "the sound is coming from the inside of the little alley!"

His past at an alarming speed of Ben, alley there came a sound of weeping, accompanied by several men insolent laughter, obviously, is a group of pervert, this kind of thing, he encountered more than once, I still remember, He is recognized Vonnie.

"Let her go!" Han words slowly approached, he too lazy to get a few small fry, see a looking flushed, apparently drinking too much alcohol.

A few bullies surprised a moment, at the same time turned Cheap Moncler to Korean words looked at a total of four people, but for himself appears, this girl may suffer behind the girl to see people come quickly cried : "Help, help ah!"

After she ignored his clothes had been torn, fierce impulse to open the interception of four people, suddenly hid behind Han Yan. Korean words coldly looked in front of a few bullies because Vonnie also encountered such a thing, so he special hatred for this man.

"Boy, is not tired of living, like a hero to save the United States ah!" Led by a blond hair punks disdain looked Korean words, the four of them, the other only one person, there is nothing to fear. The Korean Introduction felt the funny, why the punks are the same opening remarks, remember also the  right! Watching him so arrogant, Korean words does not care if a few of the small fry to the opposite know their identity, is estimated to lend them a courageous dare not remain here.




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