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Collective winter sports brand industry is facing a "secondary shuffle

  Collective winter sports brand industry is facing a "secondary shuffle

Under the global economic downturn, the market environment, the market performance of the international sports brand giants are not consistent.

Adidas notice issued in November, in terms of constant exchange rates, the third quarter of 2012, the adidas Group global income year-on-year growth of 8%. Compared to 10.081 billion euros in the same period last year, the first three quarters of Group MBT Shoes Salesales revenue increased by 14%, to 11.514 billion euros.

The strong performance of the third quarter of 2012 for a the Adidas full year financial results laid the foundation for a new record. Compared to the previous prospects Guide, the management has decided to make adjustments Adidas sales for the full year 2012 guidance target. Exchange rate unchanged, management's forecast high single-digit growth (previous forecast: speed of close to 10% growth) Adidas Group sales in 2012.

In the Greater China region, Adidas MBT Shoes Sale UK revenue in the first three quarters of year-on-year growth of 16% to 1.17 billion euros, the growth rate second only to the company's performance in the emerging markets of Europe (up by 17%), ahead of North America, Western Europe, Latin America and other markets .

Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer said that they will continue to expand in China, will pay close attention to the development of the market situation of small and medium-sized cities. Adidas Group Greater China Managing Director, Skyline (ColinCurrie) said: "in the Greater China region, we have maintained strong MBT Shoes On Sale sales momentum, proved that in the first three quarters of double-digit sales growth two years ago, we launched 'the road leading to the 2015' grand strategic plan, aims to become China's leading sporting goods brands today's performance confirms our strategy is to play an active role and we have a proven business plan, a step into 2013, we will be with the same determination and enthusiasm to continue to implement. "

Market performance of another international sports brand Nike and MBT Shoes Sale Online, its recently released second quarter ended November 30, net profit of $ 384 million, up 18% to drop. The annual turnover of the company in China fell 11% to $ 577 million. Nike believes that the decline in performance with the European economic recession and a decline in business in China, the more its previous sold its Umbro and ColeHann, two brand-related.

By the global economic slowdown and the impact of the consumption structure adjustment, the French luxury brands in Paris in the spring holding the Puma Group said in a statement in October, 2012, the Scarpe MBT third quarter, the Group surplus fell more than 85 percent to 12.2 million euros. Operating profit has shrunk to 19.6 million euros from 118.6 million euros, Puma Group in the summer market after a profit warning into the development of a weak year. The president of the group FranzKoch hope that the Group is able to regain the competitiveness of its product range will be reduced and close unprofitable stores. Expected to Puma Group's earnings in the full year of 2012 year-on-year decreased significantly, but its annual turnover will continue to rise about 5%.  




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