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Boy event like an earthquake that has shaken the foundation of the explosion Battalion

Boy event like an earthquake that has shaken the foundation of the explosion Battalion

    Boy event like an earthquake that has shaken the foundation of the explosion Battalion. False stability and happiness shattered, the the shot stable boy gunshots tells us that the war years, people's lives like ants. Sounds a lot like running the army well law enforcement, such as the iron horse of youngster event, within the explosion brigade also produced a negative role. In recent days, a dozen soldiers drunken brawl, this group of soldiers living in my house, and gradually exposing the discontent. Surnamed Wang squad leader openly said: "Boy is just a scapegoat! Him a child stealing and selling the sort of arms Moncler Sale? Others grandfather lifts, home to fertile fields, horses and mules in groups, leaving a shortfall of a few corners? In my opinion, his kid is dead in the the crowd waves Ganniang hands No wonder the old lifts 'anti-Japanese anti-Japanese and anti debauchery.' "squad of grumbling hair morning, afternoon, Jiang political commissar took two of the guard came to my house. The political commissar fortified said: "King of Mugen, go with me to the Corps." King Mugen stared, watching his soldiers, then shouted: "Which Donkey Day betray the Lord?"

    The soldiers looked at each other, his face gray soil, the only dumb the Sun without saying silly smile, and went to the political commissar of the front of the plan than gestures to tell the Sand the moon grab married of things Moncler UK. The Political Commissar said: "Sun is self-appointed proxy squad." The Sun without saying tilted his head looking at the political commissar mouth. Grasping the hand of dumb political commissar, pulled out his pen and wrote a few words in his hand. Dumb to the palms bend over, stare and looked at. He danced with excitement, the yellow eyes emit glory. Wang Mugen sneered and said: "This will go downtown, dumb should speak." Political commissar of the guard waved.

    Tiger on the ground of the guard, caught in the side of a king Mugen. Wang Mugen shouted: "You push the end mill to kill the donkey eat forgot my explosion armored train when political commissar ignore Wang Mugen shouting, stepped forward and patted the shoulder of the dumb, dumb flattered 2012 Moncler Jackets Sale Women Black, thrust his chest to the political commissar of the King a ceremony. Alley, came king Mugen roaring: "annoyed I landmines buried in your white picket fence!"

    The dumb was promoted to squad leader after the first thing, is the whereabouts of my mother dignitaries. Mother is Sima library wounded that the Panshi Nianzishan next possession passed away, the explosion brigade crushed sulfur. Distance the plate Nianzishan one hundred meters at Shangguan hope brother in command of several women, with a small hammer Zazhuo scrap metal. Distance SHANGGUAN hope brother of their one hundred meters at explosion brigade of engineers led apprenticeship, instigated want the four brawny to promote the bellows pulled out, the winds sent furnaces. Buried in the sand next to them, a large mine die. Mother mouth wrapped around a towel , followed by the rotation of the pull grind donkey round and round. Spicy pungent smell of sulfur children a mother's tears, continuous sneezing Xunde other end grasshopper donkey. Squatting on a clump of Bauhinia tree son Sima library I Shangguan read brother in compliance with the instructions of the mother strictly guarded us, we are not allowed to close Nianzishan. Dumb carrying Hanyang made gun, hands to play with the tools and try his ancestral home Miandao staggered to the next Nianzishan Moncler Sale. We see that he stopped a donkey, facing the mother lifted Miandao shook let Miandao issue clank sound. After the mother in the ass, armed with a sharpened broom bald, will be looking at him. He flashed against the mother bird written within the palm of your hand, mouth laughed. Mother, nodding his head, seemed to congratulate him. Next, the face of the dumb changes many expressions. The mother was constantly shaking his head, it seems in denial of what he requests. Later, dumb wielded arm alignment donkey head punched that donkey two front legs soft and knelt on the grind hang on. The mother cried: "The beasts!

    The Budehaosi The beast! "Dumb mouth Wai Waide smile to, as to when, staggered away.

    Side, furnace taphole long hook bypassed the the incandescent iron watery diarrhea crucible, splashes clusters of beautiful spark. Mother grabbing ass the donkey pull up. She went to the Bauhinia tree ripped Mongolia mouth, hair yellow white towel off skirts, sulfur smoked white nipple into my mouth. I was hesitating whether this stinking hot nipples spit it out, the mother suddenly pushed me, and almost pulled off my newborn incisors . I think her nipples necessarily odd incomparable pain, but she is clearly not attend the nipple. Mother strides to the home run, the towel carry in her right hand, swing with her pace. I seem to see it contaminated with sulfur gas nipple is rapid rubbing coarse skirts Moncler Jackets Women, toxic milk bubbling flow, soaking her clothes. The mother whole body flows with the current, she is immersed in the weird feeling happy, it must be extremely painful happiness. The mother why use so quickly to the home run? We'll get the answer.

    Collar brother! Collar brother Yeah, where are you? The mother screamed, cried wing from the main house.

    Shangguan Lu climb out from the court room, lying on the Yonglu on the nose in the air, as the only large frog. Her west wing is occupied by the soldiers. West Wing room, five soldiers head his head lying in the disc of a MaoBianZhi nail into breaking book. They looked up, surprised to see us. Their guns hanging on the wall, mines hanging in ceiling beams, Heiyou to round, just like larger than a camel spider eggs produced. Dumb it? His mother asked. The soldiers shook his head. The mother rushed into the east wing. Image of that bird cents casually on a broken leg table Moncler Aliso Women Coat Black, painting stood the half leftover buns and a leaf green horns onions, celadon large bowl also table candy in bowl bunch of white bones, it is difficult to distinguish between a bird bone or animal bones. Dumb gun hanging on the wall, mines hanging beam. 




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