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Borrow your speech in a drama - 1

 Borrow your speech in a drama - 1

"I want to marry you!" M the morning upturned little face of a pear rain, his hands on his loins, and scattered in the chest hair forced back toss, the face of high aspirations.
Zheng ceremony hoon up and down glance her lap, morning girl, looks good figure, but unfortunately, the IQ is too low, if not her dad money, but even the high school will not graduate,MBT UK junior high school when he was heard at first hand her answered 3 squared equal to 6 of this problem, this woman home to marry, it would only bring down the average IQ level of the family ever since they Zheng Jiashi generation will be affected by this fool.
So, he firmly rejected: can not possibly give up hope! "
She has 10 years, ah, I can give up hope that she would have died, but also need to wait until today! Besides, his points were good enough for him? On the married, on the looks, the better a match which point, he does not meet the M the morning angry open carry name brand bags, rummage meal, find a Xiumei Dao, open the plastic shell, the blade against your wrist, "you give me a reason to convince me otherwise I die to show you! "
Xun Zheng ceremony bodyguards MBT sale standing behind him, can not help but to sweat for m the morning, their young master the most objectionable woman cry a busy three hanged! Moreover, his Cheng officiating Hoon is who do something need a reason, he was pleased, his cool, is the only reason!
"Then you go die." Cold, he threw a word, turned on the go.

"-" M the morning suddenly screamed.
Dayton down, turned, saw m the morning goes on pretty little face distorted into a ball cannabis, then mocking the cold bared soon, "the guts dead do not sore."
M the morning now attend to his cynicism, besides his usual cynicism, is hardly surprising.
"Either marry me or convince me or I die! You choose just one!" Her face looked at his firm MBT shoes sale, today, must give an account 10 years!
Bright red blood along her wrist in the park's asphalt, Cheng the ceremony Hoon frowned, genetics, said his son's IQ is 100 percent genetic mother, if she in the future if the birth to a son, also takes her like a fool, he really do not want her little boy and his surnamed Zheng, not make her really dead, her father m Gang and Cheng Kar-old friend, the underworld of human offend ...
Look at the name of her father, original Mi grandparents IQ is not high, What, called m Gang, migang, ...
In this way, it really have to give her a reason must be made.
He vowed to deal with a woman really is much more difficult than to deal with the commercial court of the old rogues, suddenly, he was distant a public bench on the juvenile mess went to the line of sight, holding a book in English, mouth recited The tender thin shoulders to see one is a student,MBT shoes uk short black hair and glowing black pearl luster in the sunshine, handsome cheeks reflected a deep sense of pedantry ...
His mouth a Yang way, already have.
"I am gay."
Thought it over, he was only one reason to convince her, if he said that like other women, the hot temper of the meters in the morning, we must not allow, have to spend her father 'migang,' underworld forces to dealing with .
The same ... gay? I do not believe you when I was three years old children! "
He knew she would not easily believe that, so even the forged targets have been selected, "If you can not so always late, you will see me and he is up now, he is out there waiting for MBT shoes me, you look at his chin in the direction toward the bench a Young went on to say, still a student, taller than your high skin than hello, although the hair is not long, but also very handsome, the most important thing is tender enough In my eyes, you have an old woman ... "
Looked at her goes on the air of Qiqiaoshengyan skeptical face, ceremony Zheng Xun inner cynical cry, it really is a stupid woman. In order to firmly believe that things authenticity, lest she again to harass their own, he walked with graceful pace towards the direction of juvenile bench went.
Hear footsteps near the juvenile will long legs from the bench to put down, I thought, do not take up too much, perhaps, come here to sit the passers-by.
Sure enough, an elegant MBT shoes clearance men's perfume swept the breath of the juvenile, tall figure Dangqu his head, a sun, then the cyclone general sitting in his side of the trunk.
"I would like to take you with a use and rewarding."




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