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Body of twenty-three chapters Xingyue dynasty

 Body of twenty-three chapters Xingyue dynasty

Su Can things solved MBT Amali Shoes Black so that no one thought of this result, the Su-Chan was beaten and bothered to find Suhong, then a man went to the residence of the Korean words for an afternoon, and originally thought it was what would happen Fen Su Canxing anomalies from the Korean words inside the house to come out, and as usual, went out with a group of men to a life of debauchery the results they see.

For such a result, Miss Su Ningtai is of course the most dissatisfied, but did not wait for her to express any opinion Suhong command to confinement Suning month, are not allowed to go out, only stay in her own small courtyard, eating and drinking natural after someone in the past, the practice was not allowed to under Suning really Korean words hate.

Are ignorant of these Korean statements were made just delved his Tianyang power. His body has endless fire properties of energy, the original Emperor for him to eat MBT Bia Shoes Black a Huoyun fruit, is an ultra-Year panacea, it contains energy enough to create a super master, even practicing master not must be able to withstand the terror of energy, but Emperor to supreme mana, the spiritual force into the body of the Korean words inside, so he almost turned into a humanoid magic pill, and now his practice from the days of male power is natural in leaps and bounds MBT Shoes, time practicing on the internal forces.

After a night of practice, his body Tianyang successful internal forces to enhance not know how many, in accordance with the cheats on said he should reach the first layer of ordinary weapons by the realm, yesterday afternoon, Su Can give her interpretation of what those weapons by realm, the Tianyang power corresponding to the first layer is the ordinary weapons, not to say that the ordinary Warrior is a martial arts among the lowest realm.

In fact, in this world, a lot of people simply do not internal strength, general Warrior is physical tough, plus some tricks, that is the most common of the Warrior, followed by slightly powerful is the internal strength of the Warrior, which The kinds of people than the kind of internal forces Warrior stronger on many, after all, are the internal organs Heart is not the world over, a lot of people a lifetime may not be a set of internal MBT Shoes UK organs Heart.

After Warrior, like the kind of pay-ming, is part of the Advanced Warrior, practicing internal strength on a certain level, senior Warrior in rivers and lakes, the status is not very high, but it is also very respectable. Martial arts Xiaocheng Such people are generally can be self-contained side forces, like in Jin Tiecheng this city, can become a party boss, The master of martial arts Dacheng, even in some of the bigger cities can dominate the .

As for the master of the realm of birth, not ordinary people can see, like, the occupation MBT trainers of the city than Jin Tiecheng large ten times more than, or occupy several well-known city. Breakthrough in the realm of birth to saver realm, it is already the pinnacle of the Warrior, this Musha, basic rarely move around to achieve that realm are generally retreat penance, in order to break through the Warrior realm higher impact strength.

"It seems that scripture library I still need to go and see, I simply do not understand this world!" Came to this world, the the Korean words most strange is this world there is not even a ruling dynasty, which is almost impossible , for example, those powerful innate Warrior, they can control a big city, can also control other small city, so must be the formation of many forces, certainly there will be a battle between these forces, thousands of years, there will certainly be some people come to the fore, and ultimately the formation of the dynasty, truth is not so.

The Korean words early in the morning and went out, Tianyang door only decent building is tall scripture library christian louboutin australia, a tall building, but also the entire the Tianyang door christian louboutin shoes most striking architectural identity with him now and Suhong the same generation, the door the people do not give him a hard time, and those people all seem to Suhong commanded over. 




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