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Appointment from the flange Kefu COACH Outlet bag Since Krakow

 Appointment from the flange Kefu COACH Outlet bag Since Krakow

Original in for COACH positioning, the CEO flange Kefu insights can be described as "hit the nail on the head": the entry-level "luxury. The most lethal of the initiative is the average price coach outlet at the mall is almost only its competitors such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Coach and other prices half. This move has played an immediate effect.

Originally it was thought, COACH trying to make a comeback, bound to stubbornly clinging to the route of the luxury goods However, COACH rebranding image outset positioned People First luxury at your fingertips. Its market pricing of view, COACH is in the middle position of the European luxury brand with middle and low brand. Handbag prices, for example, the European luxury brand handbag about $ 600, while the middle and low brand about 100-200 dollars, coach factory outlet price is between $ 300-400. This stylish women always like to use premium brands is easy to accept the price.

In accurate positioning at the same time, designers Reed Krakow through careful design, to create a stylish and colorful handbags and accessories, which also makes the brand more attractive.

Appointment from the flange Kefu COACH bag Since Krakow, COACH product line continue the expansion of the new class of products, such as watches, footwear, jewelry, hats, scarves and gloves. After that, a series of small dress to join COACH entire product family and a new vitality. When light hand bag more and more female consumers, coach outlet has launched a series of products to cater to this trend.

Mentioned fashion design, we have to mention of 2001 orchestrated COACH brand labeled products, will be a chain of "C"-shaped pattern of decorative products. This series of products, including handbags, hats and accessories. The actual products is also COACH brand to implement part of the marketing strategy of the years. COACH designer from the the company accumulated historical archives on the selection of the chain's "C"-shaped pattern. But only as a marker of the brand, not as a new identity. coach factory consistent style is simple, realistic brand. This design not only meet the current simple fashion sense, but also to retain the original design concept, so after the release received by the market.




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