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Apple iOS 6 operating system 24 hours a penetration rate of over 15%

  Apple iOS 6 operating system 24 hours a penetration rate of over 15%  

iOS 6 just appear soon, Apple's application store has emerged to support the application of the Passbook, to provide users with the tickets, loyalty cards and coupons. So, I decided to use this feature, I just upgraded to iOS 6 iPhone 4S I use here is the application of Canadian cinema chain Cineplex. The entire process is not simple and smooth, but when I get Disney to re-release the 3D version of Finding Nemo tickets, not such cancellation MBT sale. Now I elaborate on the whole process.

Download application. The application update Cineplex very simple, but the Passbook what play there, what kind of role, in the beginning can not see it. The Passbook support one is included in the updated list, but I answered in the application of the common problems page can not find the information on how it works. The Cineplex also provide the score card, so I'm not sure what Passbook scorecard or movie tickets.

2. Purchase tickets. Eventually, after some prayer after I decided to buy a ticket. Mobile exchange options as long as you choose in the checkout, and so on. Finally, this application will create a a Passbook card, and automatically save it to the Passbook applications.Cheap Moncler

This is just a reservation number. Passbook card, Cineplex has very clearly stated that this is not a ticket, but only one is used to store the renewal of ticket booking number. This is down is not a big problem,MBT UK I do not expect a such a large chain companies let employees know how to deal with paperless tickets overnight.

This is not a reservation number. When I arrived at the cinema, I will show Passbook application card to the ticket office staff. They totally do not know what, this can also be understood, after all, this thing is still very new. They try to use a barcode scanner to scan the card, but did not respond. They let me upstairs mobile ticketing kiosk to see.

5. Etc. I first power on ...... to the upstairs, ticketing kiosks connected power is not connected. An enthusiastic staff to help solve this problem, then we are patiently waiting for the ticket booths built-in Windows is booted. I am very excited to be in front of him showed him Passbook, but MBT trainershe looked at me and feel like I'm a lunatic.

6. Invalid. This machine start working after I returned: "Invalid." It was found that the bar code is not successful Go Passbook above, it shows just an ordinary label. I again bought tickets for a movie, the same thing happened. This problem could be Apple or developers, I personally feel that this is a problem of development.

The result of the whole process is, I want to use to the Cineplex application by e-mail ticket barcode sent me, and then receive tickets to the ticket office downstairs scan. That result I get the tickets, but the results do not actually need to the Passbook also can get.

It makes me feel very disappointed,cheap louboutin but taking into account such a new product, there are bound to be some minor problems need to be resolved out before the final program is available as a launch (although others such as Walgreens this application is no longer the problem). Passbook is a very promising application, but it needs to become simpler, more standardized, and more clearly introduce its functions to the user before it is widely adopted. I hope Apple is aware of this problem, and development partners use Passbook correction.

Article published Cineplex has updated their application, "invalid" error has been fixed, so now the the Passbook card should Cineplex cinemas in major through mobile ticketing booth that I mentioned above was finally able to normal use.

Ad network Chitika's analysis of institutions Chitika Insights on Thursday said in a report released the first 24 hours, the the Apple iOS 6 mobile operating system is installed in more than 15% of the compatible devices.MBT shoes

Chitika Insights Earlier today, iOS penetration rate has reached more than 16% of the highest point, and is currently hovering around 15%.

The data show that Apple released to the public after iOS 6, the penetration rate of the rapid growth. Before the sharp increase, iOS 6 penetration rate is much lower than 1%, mainly developers using the beta version of iOS.

iOS 5 released 5 days after the penetration rate to reach 20%. If you keep the current trends, iOS popularity of speed over iOS 5.

Chitika Insights in a similar report, released the first two months, Google (microblogging) Android 4.1 Jelly Bean penetration rate of only 1.5%.Moncler Outlet Jelly Bean is only compatible with some phones.




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