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All kinds of new Moncler down jacket let your winter "warm up"

 All kinds of new Moncler down jacket let your winter "warm up"

Design style down jacket has become essential in the winter dress, and it is this trend more designers started to pay attention to the down jacket, down jacket also the image differ materially from rigid thick with the impression that people, the various styles of down jackets in The emergence of this winter, down jacket market is the most popular season, Moncler Sale designers, will not miss, following the New York Fashion Week, Yu Huang also introduced a number of new.

This year, the down jacket style, ever-changing, like jacket, down jacket with shoulder pads like a suit, like the down jacket collar and zipper dress and jacket, fabric and feather the application of new materials, each product lighter you no longer have the whole winter are burdened with heavy old Down Short down jacket with a fur scarf, a fur hat can make you full of youthful vigor, but without losing the feminine, and pants, with a short paragraph down jacket, the best lower body attire none other than pants thin legs, thin legs with pants and short down jacket will not make too bloated piumini moncler, a pair of knee-high boots, in any place, this dress can make you full of charm, let you become the focus point of the eyes. The color matching, such as black moncler down, only need a white T and white backpack, you can mix and match to create a good effect.

New Bright Down season, more injected elements of fashion designers to let down jacket also walk in the forefront of fashion, the color of the down jacket on strenuous mind. In addition to the classic classic white and black colors, many bright colors of orange, gold, yellow, blue, green, purple, pink has become a fashion down jacket helper this year, a major part of the down jacket market, that is, each kinds of designs coach factory, I believe, because of the emergence of these Colorful down jackets in this winter, let the original white earth add more color.

Long section of the down jacket coat, no longer just the prerogative of the tall women, tall dwarf female compatriots, you can use a simple Slim leggings with a pair of high heels, you can repair your height lining Of course, if the down jacket is not enough tight, you need to highlight the slender leg with a slightly loose pants type to decorate. If the theory of thermal performance, none other than non-long section of the down jacket, coach outlet long paragraph, to basically all styles plus belt design elements, which allows the original single down jacket design more fashionable. In previous years, we are more often mix is ​​the dress, shorts with tights boots. This year you can try to mix best with only sin for own mix, such as fur hat, cute snow boots, harem pants are can try the mix. In short, in the premise of the warm down jacket this year, enough to meet any of you with desire. 




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