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About Two Million Pairs Of Shoes Mbt

 About Two Million Pairs Of Shoes Mbt

The success story of former Swiss flagship SMEs Masai barefoot technology (MBT) has found an abrupt end. Corporate governance at the District Court of Winterthur has applied for the opening of bankruptcy proceedings on Monday, she was carried out on Wednesday.

In a communication, the management writes, the decision had been taken «against the background of the situation of over-indebtedness». Here, the brand was until recently as an example of innovation and success. About two million pairs of shoes MBT produces every year, supplies to over 50 countries and employs 440 people worldwide.

The last MBT shoes uk entry in the Swiss commercial register is from April 27. The change at the top of the company is logged: the German Thomas Wenzel takes over the position of Danes Jan Stig Andersen. This was since February 2010 in Office.

Investors rejected

Andersen would have to lead the company from the financial angle. Successor Wenceslaus now completes the dissolution of the company. This emerges from the said notification: A turnaround had been not possible within the framework of the current financial structure of the group». In recent months we have been intensively looking an investor.

Apparently the company has found potential investors, but they saw from a purchase last week. Thomas Wenzel put it: «Unfortunately potential investors have decided after a thorough examination of the market-side risks during the week of May 1 to submit a purchase offer.»

In 1996, the Thurgau Karl Miller co-founded the company MBT. His MBT sale shoes with thick, soft sole had initially not easily, but soon MBT shoeseta­blier­te in the niche of the «healthy shoes» Over the years, the shoe emerged as a globally successful brand. 2004 Müller got out – he sold the two former Austrian alpine skier and minority shareholders Klaus Heid-egger and Hermann upper cutter. Müller developed systems for a healthy attitude, Karl Müller junior founded the Joya, a direct competitor of MBT shoe brand.

The skiers Heidegger and upper cutter sold MBT trainers 2011 to the minority shareholder of Berkshire partners, a private equity firm based in Boston. Thus the financial plight should – have solved an error, as it now turns out.

MBT moved in the summer of 2010, from Romanshorn to Winterthur, which caused joy in the city. Celebrated the arrival of a multinational company which brought 75 jobs, in the Hall of the Town Hall. Mayor Ernst Wohlwend (SP) said, the pioneering company and the Winterthur-pioneering city fit perfectly to each other.

Counterfeiters and competitors

The «anti shoe», as cheap mbt calls himself, is a victim of the competition. Major manufacturers sell today similar shoes. Dubious Internet traders who offer cheap MBT Shoes to buy, but never extradite corrupt image and balance sheet as well as pirated.

Markus Walt, Managing Director of MBT Switzerland, said in an interview last summer: “the counterfeit operated in Asia is a real threat. He said at that time but also a brand go through three stages: first the product will be laughed at, then first competitors appeared and finally the counterfeiters would come. Then place a success.

To do this, there has been no longer, although MBT has completed the three phases and is in effect for the sole of MBT until 2018.




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