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A play by your speech - 5

  A play by your speech - 5
He sat in the back seat, one would see the teenager being jumped from the bench.
"How is it?" His cold sound of the opening asked, in fact, he heard the sound of things smashed cars when the already opened his eyes, followed by brakes and without warning, after the car's rear-end as to what things smashed cars, MBT trainers is sport shoes, and who to drop, he has not yet visible.
"Master, just the student, and suddenly a stone smashed the hood."
He opened the door, went to the front of the car, do see a hole in the hood, and a palm-sized pebbles lying on the ground.
"Too few?" He inclined had eyes to see to the juvenile, it seems greedy for money, it really is the true nature of the poor.
Less? Of course not! She so big never seen so much money! Is a bit sick, she did not want future day he came to his trouble, non-yourself to do this or that closing of thousands of dollars to the original!
"Anonymous, plus one hundred thousand." Accountable to the vigil at the side of the bodyguards to.
Young really lag behind the others look like 20s estimated that money is not earned, MBT sale is very well, but money is not spent! He should really have money, then the world could not get the meal the children to afford school fees, and how never mind them!
Next, she made a small half-crazy thing, she did not know what is the reason for this, perhaps could not understand his young master posture, perhaps she could not understand the virtue of his show off their wealth, may hate him, hate life and Su Yi, so like the sound so much like, but they live difference between heaven and earth.
She was a bundle of money in the hands of a bundle apart, and then -
Waved his arm, MBT shoes clearance in uk is Sell well, one by one, sprinkling the air, the bright red yuan as Fairy Scattering Flowers, Durian fell upon him and the body side and landed on the luxurious Bentley and landed on his feet.
Xun Zheng ceremony,'s heart burst with a touch of anger, he is not tempered man, his connivance enough can be juvenile, but only looked at him indifferent, refined the Junlian with a trace of stubborn, did not flinch color This makes the throbbing of his heart somehow.
"Your name."
The boy did not answer, why should we give his name, waiting for him to retaliate, MBT UK in london, she is not stupid ...
He motioned with his eyes Anonymous, grab it from her hand over her English books, opened the book and the title page, small print of a line of graceful, greeted by: bule bird can'see fly fish. Day English high school, 2 years and 4 classes, repair.
The font is very delicate, very smooth, like his beautiful, beautiful like a boy, he could not help but read two more, that idea is fleeting, he would not be allowed on a same-sex an interest. Throw away her English book, and turned towards the car, facing Anonymous commanded, "money put away."
"Yes, sir." Anonymous respectful nod.
She was not, he certainly makes people to retrieve it,  his money, but this money is not the wind blowing, riding a bicycle on the bar, the provincial of the province,  MBT shoes Beautiful,the flower of flowers, so still on the ground is a waste of.
Be Cheng Li Xun drove out of sight, Anonymous began with three bodyguards and the same car Jianqian, Montreal Jianqian to a down to pick it up, but fortunately no wind blows, or else there will be several black The full park of the clothes people thrust the money to run funny picture.
Zhang repair coldly looked at him and some the deflated marks Bentley bike tail to pull away, Pie Piezui disdain, picked up his English books, and lifted off the dust, not to see that money at home.
Xun Zheng ceremony sitting in the car, the rearview mirror, you can see the thin tall figure walking in the park on the grass, and recalled he had just kiss the lips unconsciously rise, MBT shoes sale in uk, but think of those two hand and shoulder wound. face sink down.
Zhang repair.
Zhang repair ...
Why To him, only a temporary props for his momentary borrowed ...




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