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A play by your speech - 4

 A play by your speech - 4

High heels listening to the rhythm of lopsided, the juvenile broke from his shackles, looked up fiercely against his shoulder is a
Xun Zheng ceremony smothered exclamation of pain, but not to avoid him so biting. Accompanied by bodyguards see the master did not stop him from such behavior, there will be timid, cheap MBT Shoes only observations at any time with his face, once issuing the order, the boy might have expired.
Originally this bite is not enough Jiehen thought he had just inexplicable tongue kiss, she was anxious to put his the meat Douyao down, until through his high-end shirt blooming open to wave the bloody taste, she angrily The relent.
"Bite enough?"
That continue his pale if the wind to say that, as if to bite him, and pain on others, juvenile fiercely glared at him, from him to step down, picked up his book in English, without looking away.
Xun Zheng ceremony, finger, touched on the shoulder injury, he really to die a bite, all bleeding, blood on the shirt of a large shoulder quickly damp, bodyguard quietly filed, "Master, bandage.
Their young master of platelets is low, MBT sale is not easy to condense out of the blood, need to use drugs, bodyguards, drivers Cheng beckoned, he is both a driver, but also his personal physician, see the gesture of bodyguards shot and immediately with medical The box came.
Hoon Cheng ceremony lift the palm of your hand, indicated that he no need to, watching the juvenile to leave the back, and told to "Anonymous, get 100 000 dollars to send her."
"Yes, sir." Called anonymous bodyguard back to the black Bentley near the vehicle, open the silver safe deposit box in the trunk, from which come up with 10 stack also binds the bank acceptance IOUs money went straight to the juvenile.

"The students, wait!"
She turned, looked at the black bodyguard holding a pile of money like coming here, MBT shoes clearance to speed up the soles of the feet, those who his Xiuqian, only they have money to burn the hands of people would have thought to use the money to buy man this thing!
But her brisk walk how is also not keep up with trained bodyguards Anonymous, easy for him to thrust her, without any explanation of the money will fall into her arms.
Opportunity he could not refuse her young master account of the mission, is certain to be completed, unsuccessful, you have to pay the price, and stuffed the money, waiting for her to give it back, then quickly ran to the back.

"Master, now bandaged it?"
Ignore the pain in the shoulder, he walked the elegant pace, back to black noble Bentley car has returned to see the money to the Anonymous sector, they croon, "go."
The car slowly pulled out.
Juvenile holding money, MBT trainers a look of anger at the passing from his own side, two luxurious black Bentley car, grew more and more gas, casually accounted advantage of people, throw some money wanted trouble, might as well apologize to the comfortable !
Want stopped them to stop already, the car also the blink of an eye from the side through, she turned and looked at the terrain, the park road repair is very convoluted, serpentine bend all lawn, pick up her children free to heap pebbles on the roadside, holding thousands of dollars is a big step rapid burst of rushing through a few grass, the pants standing on a bench, waiting for two Bentley Raowan from.
Sure enough, less than three seconds, the car coming from the corner.
Open in the front of the the Xun Zheng ceremony, the car, the driver Cheng just see her hand holding the book and a pile of money, does not know the other hand behind her, but also hidden weapons, MBT shoes seen from the inverted endoscopic Master has been in the eyes closed and did not say just move on.
"Bang -
"Ci - boom - a chain of sound, braking, impact, Zheng Li Xun alert opened his eyes, and shrewd Mouguang glanced out of the window.




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