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A play by your speech - 3

  A play by your speech - 3
Days! This man actually kissing! With a bodyguard on the great ah! He thought he was a bandit road gangsters want to pull who go back and pull who back when Yazhaifuren!
Junior struggled for a few and found that cheap MBT Shoes this man is really big to push for a long time are motionless, "you get out ..."
Wanted him to get out, but the mouth is to give him a chance, he he he ... actually the tongue into the room, tongue kiss ...
Although this is not the first kiss, but this is early tongue kiss! But in addition to Su Yi, before she and others had such close contact, let alone the first time we met a stranger!
Tongue and the tongue relative to touch the moment, Xun Zheng ceremony slightest startled agitated, however is played scene, own how would so seriously, seriously to not help the the stretched out the tongue, if before, think of your own you want to kiss a man, he must vomiting immediately, but when he really kissed him MBT sale, could be so sweet, sweet to as much as any one sultry hot woman ...
Snapped - "pull open push open, and call a slapping!
Xun Zheng ceremony to loosen the shackles on her, licked his numb mouth, and second, he beat him, which made him feel resentful anger, but, m the morning slowly like here near.
He bent the corners of the mouth, ignoring her anger, raised his finger scuffing his delicate nose, "So you will only bite Xiao Baozi ...
Big hands and shoved a closing force, hold her sitting on his body, did not think her body is so high, even so thin, but feel a little soft ... Xun Zheng ceremony and shoved it back to God,MBT shoes clearance what a mess what soft is not soft, do not really interested in men? That is impossible!
Back to the rational, see m the morning has stood still in front of their own, he will be the juvenile crowd in arms, he served in his body that he was unwilling to even the hammer with a blow, or pester the face buried in her necks and inhaled deeply breath, a touch of grass incense, with only two audible voice said, "If I let you down, she will be torn to pieces, I feel safest."
Bah! But for his non-pulling their own pro-one, she would get in such trouble! He was the most dangerous!
In turn, he will be handsome head lifted off her necks, and a hint of confrontation m morning painful eyes, "the little guy a little shy, you should continue to see us do so?"
She was able to happen? If a woman is MBT trainers lost, at least she can look for his own shortcomings and think about ways to attract him, but now he is like a man, she can always change personality, completely lost her m the morning actually lost a man!
"Hoon Cheng ceremony, you'll never ever good! I did not get the things I will destroy it!"
"You have to destroy me?" He raised his eyebrows, his eyes with a hint of hostility, body side of the bodyguard put his hand into the waist, standby, eyes alert, watching m morning the hands of that should not be overlooked The Xiumei Dao.
Of course, the ceremony Xun Zheng teenager in the chest can not see, just can hear their conversation, but just hear the woman flutter brutal to the threat, some horror, how to say is there is a saying , woman heart seabed needle, the woman if the heartless together, called a scorpion, what have done it, but the tone of this woman, a backing is not small, dare threat to their masters in front of so many bodyguards. either eight or ten long head,MBT shoes who would dry so do not life.
M the morning did not answer the Xun Zheng ceremony, then painted with heavy makeup Yanmou with an vicious, sweeping the one in his arms, thin juvenile, and then raised a touch of chuckle, and turned to leave.
Her sweep in the sight of the boy was, the ceremony Hoon Cheng unconsciously tightened his hands, it seems to her, he got into unnecessary trouble.




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